Best selfie apps for android, iphone & windows Phone #updated.

When it has come , Nobody would have thought that it will stay so long and too much addiction to everyone about Selfies. If it was not such impact full then the Selfie stick would not be there and we would not have come to this situation to search like top Selfie app.

 Well we have made a collection of best Selfie Apps for Android, iphone & Windows phone.

Best selfie apps For Android

1. You Cam Perfect
You Cam Perfect
You Cam Perfect is a great app for all Selfie Lovers, along with all great editing features which makes your pic beautiful. Also there are other superb features like beautifying effects, face reshaper, Object remover , Stylization.
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2. Candy Camera 
Candy Camera
Candy Camera is an also a high rated app on Google Play Service and a great app for selfie. The app lets you to see the live effects on pic before clicking the pic. And it has also hundreds of filters to see the effects and its free but there is some in app purchase but that wouldn’t need you.
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3. Retrica
Retrica is also a awsome app for Selfie lover and editing lovers. This app also allows you to see live effects of filters when you click. 
The great feature of this app is the 100+ filters, Collage maker, Watermarking and timer and many more. Its free .
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4. Selfie Studio

Selfie Studio

This apps lets you brighten up your face depending up on the color chosen and there are also other feature to experience the better like silent shoot, volume key shutter ,auto reverse and more. 

Compatible with all phones upgraded atleast Android 2.3 and up. Its free.

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Top Selfie apps For iphone

CamMe is a very popular Selfie app in iOS Store. The brings a lot feature’s which makes your selfie perfect for which you were looking. 
The feature are like PhotoBooth (lets you take several picture sequentially ), Funshot (enhances the picture with cool cut outs and locations). 
The app is a free to download and there is some in app purchase like Funshot templates and Photobooth features.
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2. Picr


This is a unique app for selfie taking in iOS store, this app everyday asks you to take pictures and makes a unique movie based on your pictures taken by this app. 
This app also set a reminder for to take pictures and make videos and lets add your texts ,voice or songs. Its free app in iOS store.

Click To Download   (Picr

3. FrontBack

Frontback is a great app in iOS store for those who want to take picture by using dual camera.
This app uses both front and back camera simultaneously and take both pictures at a single click , by using you can show the place where you are.
This allows you to follow the people which are using this app. Its free in store and should be grabbed for selfie pictures.

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4. Perfect 365

Perfect 365
Well if you want to take selfies perfect and make it beautiful by own then this app is the prefect choice for you. The app includes number of editing features like change your hairstyle, whiten your teeth , fairness and many more.
The app is a free in iOS store and there are some in app purchase styles.

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Top Selfie app for Windows Phone

1. Lumia Selfie
Lumia Selfie
Anyone having a lumia selfie phone should be aware of this app because of its comes in phone as a pre-loaded. 
This app lets you take selfie and make it perfect by using in app filters like beautifying the face , fairness ,whitening the teeth and many more.
Its free to download and available for only Lumia devices.
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2. PicMix

PicMix ia an another great app foe selfie lovers , this app itself allow you to hare picture and brings some cool picture . This also have frames to edit the pictures and more filters.
Its free in Microsoft store and available for all Windows phone 8 and 8.1 or upper version OS.
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3. Create a Perfect Selfie 
Create a Perfect Selfie
As the name only suggests that its a good app for to make your selfies perfect. You might not have heard this app but you should try it once.  
There are many editing options like refocus,red eye removal , filters and frames and many more.
Its paid app but highly rated in the store and worth of small amount.

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4. Headshot


Head shot is a great app for Lumia phone to take selfies, the app also has a multiple face mode,when there are more than one people in the view finder. The app also takes a pictures automatically,when it finds you are in the right place.

Its free in store, compatible with all windows phone 8 and 8.1 or upper OS of Microsoft.

Click To Download  (Headshot)

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