Top 5 Android Games for free

Angry Birds 2

 1.After the great successful of version one of Angry bird Roxio is back with all new iteration of levels in Angry Bird 2.
2. This new version of Angry Birds is coming with lots of new things and attractive,challenging levels.
3. Its free to download , but in game you may find in app purchase, however after installing you will love to play.
4. To download click here Angry Bird 2 .


1. The Vainglory has come to android store after great successful in iOS store.
2. This game also allow you to play online multiplayer at battle arena MOBA in free. Which means now you can challenge yours friends at home also while playing the game.
3. Its free and there is new hero’s and features come regularly. The game has great graphics which make you enjoyable while playing the game. 
4. To download click here Vainglory.

Plants vs Zombies 2

1. The most popular game publisher EA is  gas come with another addict-able game Plants vs Zombies 2.
2. In second version the developers has added many zombies,plants and powers.

3. The game some times suck up  because of in app purchase but we ensures you that if you install this game you gonna love it.
4. You must download this game. Click here to download Plants vs Zombies 2.

Dead Trigger 2

1. This game for those people who are interested in action games. 

2. In this game you need to travel in various in undeadinfested to kill zombies .
3. Click here ti download Dead Trigger 2.

Clash of Clanes
1. Clash of clan is the most successful game in th Google Play store in last year after Candy Crush saga. 
2. Clash of clanes is the simply highly addictive game, people can invite others to join ,can take help from friends.And to prevent the town from attackers and many more features are there to play.
3. This game is most reviewed and downloaded in google play store. After installing you will love it. Click here to download Clash of clans.
There are also many other games you can download from below :

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