Best custom android roms to experience new user interface

When you have a new Android phone, its really fun, you will enjoy the interface ,manufacturer ROM and cutomisation provided by the manufacturer. But after sometime you get bored with all that features. It feels like a there no full potential in the phone and you search for something creative.

Well, if you then we have something for you called Custom ROM. By installing custom ROM you can have a fully different interface. Here we have made a list of best custom ROM for Android.

Best Custom Android ROMs 


CYNOGENMOD custom rom
The reason’s for this ROM on the top are ,this ROM offers great user interface, awesome supporting developer. This ROM is the most popular for the android devices even the new smartphone Yu Yureka also comes with this ROM as a default ROM .
If you are looking for keeping your device stable with customisation the way you want then ,this ROM is the best option for you.
You can find it on the link given below, while downloading make sure that this ROM is available for your device


The PARANOIDANDROID ROM is also an highly recommended ROM for android users and the only ROM which can compete with CYNOGENMOD.
This ROM has lots of features ,keeps on updating frequently and the user interface is awesome.
In this you can set an app privacy using Privacy mode feature. There is a Hybrid mode through which you can set apps to have a layout of tablet in your smartphone. Also you can change the colot scheme of the status bar and navigation bar of any app.
You can download by just clicking the link given below


 AKOP custom rom
Well the third ROM is AOKP i.e Android Open Kang Project.
The feature is pretty awesome ,the height of navigation can also be changed, the navigation and status bar can also be made transparent. You van create a Ribbon of apps that can be pinned to the notification bar.
Plus there is lots of features are as well.
[ AOKP ]


This ROM is considered to be a very simple because it provides simple user interface without bug.
The best thing about this ROM is that it lets you update latest Android version with just one click.
This ROM uses its own Kernel version so it gives better performance and helps to increase battery life of the phone as it has black theme.


PACMAN is the ROM which provides all combine features of the above four ROM.
It is a most stable ROM and you would not face any problem once you install it in your device.


Vanilla Rootbox is a ROM which gives the combine features of CYNOGENMOD and AOKP ROM.
You can get OTA updates once you have installed this ROM in your device. It’s worth of try once in your device.



You can also try Karbonn ROM also, provides simple user interface and this ROM is comes in a Karbonn Smartphone as a default ROM. The interface of this ROM will known to many people because of Karbonn Smartphone.
Click to download  [CARBON ROM]
Well, here we end up our suggestions for you.
While downloading these ROM for your device please make sure that the ROM is available for your device ,you can know this on there site ,they have mentioned.


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