Dual Core Vs Quad Core Smartphones

Benefits of Dual Core and Quad core Processor Smartphone

Well, before going for benefits OR comparison of Dual core and Quad core processor smartphone,
Let us know what is Processor?
A processor is a phone’s CPU (Central Processing Unit) which comes as a tiny computer chip, Its brain of your phone and will handle the task which you are performing on the phone. Since 2012 the Dual core had been introduced and now there are more processors like Dual,Quad & Octa cores.
We will like to add more about the core that Does the more Cores are better?

If you think that as number of processor increases the performance of phone increases, then you are almost right ,this is a true for some certain applications like 3D gaming, HQ video , photos etc and in general like Browsers ,social messaging etc are made to run on Dual core so there you will not see much difference in performance of phone. 

Benefits of Dual core and Quad core

1 .  In general those who are using phone for only surf the internet, making calls and to use social media ,for them the Dual core smartphone will be adequate.
2 .  The beauty of having dual core is that, if you are using an internet on your phone and suddenly you get a call so when you are talking on call the phone will surf or use internet without any interrupt, so multi task can be performed efficiently.
3 .  While the beauty of Quad core is that ,it can performs wider of variety of apps and programs on your phone. You can experience best 3D games in great graphics , High quality videos as sharp and smoothly.
4 .  And quad core has more number of cores than the Dual core ,so it uses a specified cores to perform different tasks and reduces load on processor which may results in a Good Battery Life for phones. 
Dual core and Quad core

What should be choosen Dual Core OR Quad Core?

Well, its all depends on you How you use the phone?
»  We will recommend you Dual Core Smartphone if you use the following things that are given below : 
  • Talking & texting
  • Social Media
  • Listening to Music
  • Watching Non HD Video
  • Surfing the Net
  • Occasional use of your phone

For all these things the Dual core will be quite adequate.

» And Those who need features like given below then they should go for Quad Core Smartphone.

  • 3D Gaming with high graphics
  • Heavy use in general
  • Experience Movies or Videos in high quality
  • Video calling
  • High memory storage applications
  • For no lagging in applications and games

The Quad Core Smartphone will give you better performance and battery life too.

Well if you are confused about which phone should be bought then do comment below, We may help you.


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