How to increase battery life of your Android Smartphones

Easy and Simple Tips to increase Battery lifeĀ 

People always have concern about one the thing that is the Battery life of there phone. Many people after buying high budget phone with all new features they are also facing the same problems in phone like Samsung Galaxy S5 ,HTC One M8 are powerful but unfortunately they also don’t have endless Battery life.

In fact many smartphone users would be happy with a single day battery life and do a charge at night is sufficient. But sometimes it does not work , many factors are responsible for this like Thinner design with less space for batteries ,larger and brighter screens ,faster quad core processor ,more apps that runs in a background , switching of network from 2G to 3G ,3G to 4G [LTE].

Tips to increase Battery life

Well we recommend you some following things ,that may help you in to increase battery life.

See what sucking the most :

Tips to increase Battery life

For this navigate to the Settings > Battery life . There you will see the apps in a line with battery usage. Those app which are using battery much and you don’t use it then set it to manual or turn off the features.

Reduce email, Facebook, Twitter polling :

Put these apps on the manual mode which will make your battery life better.

Use Extra Power Savings :

The extra power savings mode helps more in to increase the battery life of the phone ,in stand by mode it can take up to 1 day. It limits the phone to texting ,phone calls and messaging apps.

Stop the Background apps :

In battery life just swipe to left and there will appear the list of the apps which are running in Background, turn off the apps which you don’t want in background apps or which takes more battery usage.

Turn Off unnecessary radios :

Its great thing to have NFC ,GPS ,LTE , 3G ,WiFi and Bluetooth. Its not necessary to have turn on all these apps whole day. Android keeps on tracking the locations of your phone so to turn it off you should have power battery saver , in that you can turn off all these features as per your requirements.

Turn Off Automatic Brightness :

If you are using Automatic brightness than just change the mode to as per your need. Automatic brightness also runs in a background and adjust the display according to light ,so its also plays the major role to reduce the battery life.

Dump Unnecessary apps on Home screen :

Just Because they are placed on home screen and it seems that they are inactive but it doesn’t. They also reduces the battery life of the phone ,so make sure that you have least number of apps and widgets,

Update apps :

Always keeps on updating the apps which are installed in your phone. The updates are made to make the good battery life performance of the phone. So keeps on updating the apps.

At the end if it doesn’t work than we will recommend you to have a Power bank or to change the battery if it is a removable.


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