How to install custom ROM in android phone #best tips

How to install Custom ROM in android phone

install custom ROM in android phone

Step 1 : You should have following things which are given below
  • Rooted Android Device
  • USB Cable
  • Computer
  • Internet

Step 2 : 

  • Select the Custom ROM which is available and make sure that it is available for your device.
  • Then ,download the selected ROM in your computer
  • While downloading make sure that the google apps are included in ROM or not? If not then download that apps on your PC [called as a g-apps]
  • Make sure that The g-apps you download should be compatible with your android version

Step 3 :

  • Now connect your phone to PC
  • Now the downloaded custom ROM [ and if downloaded g-apps ] move them to your SD card or External SD Card
  • Now turn off your phone and go to recovery mode [to go recovery mode press Volume Up key ,Home and Power button all together at the same time ,it may varry for other brand or device so before that make sure that you know or search it on google]
  • In recovery mode you will see the following things ,as image given in below ,It may varry for other brand but will be quite similar
install custom ROM in android phone
  • Before you begin for the the installation make sure you have the back up [ because in case if you don’t like the ROM so that you can have the previous ROM] For that go to NANDROID Backup, it backs up everything of your phone. For Nandroid back up just search it on google you will get everything.

Step 4 :

  • Now navigate to WIPE CACHE PARTITION > Confirm that you want to wipe the cache partition [depending upon your device you can navigate to wipe partition ,you can use volume up or down button OR there may be touch ]
  • Now navigate to WIPE DATA or DATA FACTORY RESET > Confirm that you want to reset [this will not erase you personal data music,videos or pictures]
  • Some ROM may need ,to delete the dalvik cache. Usually they are find in ADVANCED option. [the ROM developer would have mentioned on there site that need it or not so please just see that]
Step 5 :
  • Now after all these steps you are at the installing stage ,Now navigate to INSTALL ZIP from SD or External SD Card [depending on where you have saved the files]
  • Now select the ROM which you have downloaded and install it into your device and wait for the completion of installation.
  • After completion install the g-apps if your ROM don’t have then only. [some ROM needs to be used first and after that only apps can be installed so in that case u can install afterwards ,if developer has not mentioned then do directly install ]
  • Now go back to main menu of recovery mode and Reboot your device.
  • It may take little time so don’t worry about that [ but if it takes long time then something went wrong ,so you can have a back by going back to recovery mode > restore the back up which you did before installing ,this will back up of your all data]

If it works properly then you are done and now in a new ROM. Mostly it doesn’t shows the error except you have followed all the instructions. If You need help then you can comment below.


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