How to move Photos, Contacts iPhone from Android Device

Well if you have switched the OS and become a new iOS user and want your data back from Android device then ,Apple has made it easy for you first time. All you need to follow the simple steps given below.

Apple has first time made an app for Android users which connects the both phone [ iPhone and Android ] with a direct WiFi network and transfer over all your data. But can not transfer the apps of your Android device, it won’t be compatible with iOS devices.

move photos contacts
The option of transfer the data from Android device to iOS is only available for the iPhone which is running on iOS 9.
1. First all you need the download this app on your Android device,
2. While you setting up your iPhone wait when you reach the ‘Apps and Data’ on the screen. Now select
the ‘Move data from Android’ option.
move photos contacts
3. Now open the downloaded app on your Android device ,tap continue on both device .
4. Now there will be a 12 digit number on your iPhone enter these number in Android device. [Android device will ask you to enter 12 digit number
move photos contacts
5. After this both phone will be connected automatically over a WiFi network, And select the data which you want to get back from Android. It will also ask to transfer the Google account info so that you can quickly log in to iPhone. After this tap on next.
6. The Android phone will transfer the data to iPhone.
move photos contacts
7. Once the process is completed tap on ‘Continue setting up iPhone’ in your iPhone device and log in to new Apple ID or existing ID. Once it is completed then it will ask you to log in the accounts which you have transferred from Android device . After this you are done.


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