10 Apple products you never knew existed

10 Apple products you never knew existed

Well this article can seems to be a history part of Apple but as tech knowledge purpose you should be known to this products of apple.

Now a days products of Apple are quite consolidated. But there was not like this when the Apple company had entered the global market.
There was used to be a time when Apple was young and wanted to grow that time they have more products.

So here we have the list of its products and with short description about that.

1. Apple Printer (1979-88)

During the days of computing, computer companies had to make their own printers. Apple’s first printer released in June if 1979. It was was thermal printer compatible with Apple I and Apple II. The Apple got out after release of laser printers.


2. Games Tapes for Apple II (1978)


Before floppy disks entered the computer world, the Apple computers were used to run on softwares cassettes. The Apple II had a huge user base at that time and it was a popular game developing platform.

3. McWrite (1984-1994)


After the releasing of McWrite by Apple people got believed that they can also do there work on computer without having a Microsoft word. In 1984 Apple released McWrite a word processing application for Macintosh. It was first WYSIWYG editors every available, which was considered incredible in a world of computers.

4. Apple Collection (1986)


You wont believe but Apple had also tried one a fashion line. Apple collection was the company’s catalogue attempt to sell clothing.
The Apple collection featured 80sv style baggy sweat shirts, rainbow caps and layered popped collor polo’s.

5. Apple Scanner (1988-97)


In a bid to create it’s own range of peripheral devices for the Macintosh Apple introduced a300 dpi, A4 scanner in 1988. After replacing it with One scanner it did not really take them off so they have stopped selling the products in 1997.

6. Apple Newton (1993-98)


The newton used to be a personal assistant operating system designed for Apple’s Message Pad tables. The device got popular with apps like notes, Names and dates. Additionally it’s all version came with a stylus and handwriting recognizing software. But the device was financially unsuccessful but have paved the way for iPhone and iPad.

7. Apple PowerCD (1993-96)


It was actually designed by Phillips but branded with the Apple logo. This device was able to read data of discs when connected to a Mac and traditional CDs when connected to a speaker.

8. Apple QuickTake Camera (1994-97)


You might shock but yeah Apple was also in the business of Cameras as well. It was one of the first consumer digital cameras. It was built for Apple but Kodak. Earliest camera had a resolution of 0.3 MP with 1 MB flash storage.

9. Apple Pippin (1997)


Apple Pippin was a multimedia platform based on Macintosh OS. While originally supposed to be an open standard, the company eventually worked with Bandai to create a game console based on platform. It was quickly killed and only 40,000 units were sold.

10. Apple Flower Power iMac (2002)


It was considered the real version of iMac that Apple released. After creating a various colour option for this the product did not make any powerful impact.

At the end we would like to put a single line said by Steve jobs which describes all Apple company success.
“Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right”
— Steve Jobs


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