All you need to know about Carl Zeiss lens?

All you need to know about Carl Zeiss lens

Each hybrid cameras and handycam uses Carl Zeiss lens. Although it is much expensive and have a wide range of different feature lenses.

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Carl Zeiss lens

Carl Zeiss has more than 170 years of expert experience.

A German from Carl Zeiss (source Microsoft) says: Carl Zeiss has been in optics and imaging for more than 170 years. Example of our expertise can be found in all walks of life. Planes, trains and automobiles withstand the test of time because measuring technology from Carl Zeiss is used to test their parts in production. Blockbuster movies such as ‘The lord of the rings’benefit from the unique image made possible by ZEISS lenses. We’ve been pushing the boundaries in the fabrication and miniaturization of microchips for more than 40 years.

Carl Zeiss lens
Approximately 60% of the microchips in mobile phones and other modern devices are manufactured using optics from Carl Zeiss’ very long experience in developing photographic lenses, from cine and camera lenses to lenses for industrial applications, which have been used in everything from the moon landing to Nokia devices.

A unique quality is giving the best Quality.

Together with Nokia we really take time to develop solutions for the best possible imaging result. Nokia devices with Carl Zeiss optics are never thrown on the market in a rush. We’re not interested in increasing megapixels by reducing the size of the single pixel to put more pixels on a similar sensor, while keeping the optics the same. What we do is continuously enhance the optics, because the lens is at the beginning of the image chain. Any image information that does not come through the lens to the sensor correctly will be lost.

Carl Zeiss lens

At the same time we use our imaging expertise to optimize all the components within the entire imaging chain because the lens is only one part of the whole story. By considering every element, we ensure an extraordinary imaging experience and optimum image results.

The Tessar lens and the birth of mobile photography.

For mobile camera devices, it’s important to remember that the Tessar lens used in devices is a benchmark in optics. Different lens elements were processed in one single lens for the first time in 1902. (The Tessar lens was designed by Paul Rudolph, a highly talented scientist who worked with Carl Zeiss). Carl Zeiss lens

The high resolution of the classic 4 lens element design of the Tessar was the first compact lens design. The name Tessar gives a clear indication of the original structure of the lens: “tessares”, Greek for “four”, indicates that the lens consists of four lens elements. With its higher resolution, this innovative lens made mobile photography possible. The Tessar lens allowed, for the first time, small film formats (nowadays sensors), which in turn helped make cameras themselves smaller, lighter and more portable. All compact camera lenses are based on that original invention! 

(Source Microsoft)

Carl Zeiss lens

Eventually most of the hybrid cameras are powered by the Carl Zeiss Lens Optics for better results make camera more exotic. Although many point & shoot camera also getting Carl Zeiss lens specially crafted for Point & Shoot terminology. In the era of Smartphones, Nokia is the first to introduced Carl Zeiss lens in Smartphone Camera. In all Smartphone brand very few are possibly providing Carl Zeiss Optics lens on their Smartphones. But the Nokia is one of that provides Special enthusiasm on Smartphone Camera, but very Nokia is no more longer. At instant Microsoft owned Lumia series from Nokia and provide Zeiss Optics. Rumors, Nokia will come into the market in 2016.  

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