Here are the new android marshmallow 6.0 features

Google has announced Android Marshmallow 6.0 in the launch event of Nexus 5X and Nexus  6P.
Both these devices are coming with this latest Android version. And the other Nexus devices like Nexus 5, Nexus 6,Nexus 7, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player will also get an update from 5th October, So start hitting the update button from coming week.
While for other device’s it depends up on there manufacturer company so keep looking at latest update about your devices. For HTC users the given below article can help you,

Here are the New Marshmallow 6.0 Android  Features 

1. Finger Print Support

Finger Print Support
Well the finger print has already popped up on Android phones and soon it’s will be seen everywhere because of Google’s dedicated support of finger print sensor for Android devices.
This new functionality will allow Finger Print Sensor to be used as not only for Lock or Unlock the device but also help in the purchases from Play store and log into various apps and services.

2. App Permissions

App Permissions
This was one of the required feature in Android and Google have made it in new Marshmallow 6.0 update. This will make you to accept or deny individual permissions in an app. It will be asked first time when you use the feature, not at the time of installation. You can also set permissions for app manually.
For Eg. when you are using Instagram and go to Camera for a instance it will pop up whether to use it or not.

3. Doze

Doze is the new feature introduced by Google in Marshmallow update.
Doze monitor’s your device that how it is being used and adjusts the apps accordingly. By using motion detectors it recognizes that when the device interacted with user and when not. When device in not interacted it reduces the background process and makes the device in the stand by mode
Which will increase your device battery life.
Marshmallow update also support USB C-type charging, which provides fast charging and other devices can also be charged from the device running on Marshmallow update.

4. Better CUT, COPY and PASTE

This is the small update but very meaningful. As in Lollipop when you do cut or copy or paste, you were suppose to jump at the top of the screen to find and decipher the buttons which is quite annoying.
While in Marshmallow, it will float the options directly on the above of text which you have selected.

5. Web Experience

Web Experience
Google is exploring many options to provide web experience better and easy on Android devices.
Google has included new Chrome Custom Tab in Chrome web browser. This will allow apps to open a customized window on the top of active app, before that you were need to launch it separately. Google has claimed that this provides more faster web user experience when you navigating to web in between the apps.

6. Dark Theme and New App Drawer

Dark Theme and New App Drawer
Developer’s has also included dark theme in Marshmallow. But is is affected in only settings menu, not in the app drawer and it’s function is quite enhansive and hopefully it will get developed more in further updates.
Dark Theme and New App Drawer
While in app drawer, before this update you were suppose to swipe left to see more apps but in this update you will have to swipe vertically and at the top of the row you will see the recent four apps.

7. Removable Status bar icons

Removable Status bar icons
In Marshmallow now you can remove or add the icons of status bar as per your need. Eg if you don’t need Bluetooth then this can be remove by just going in settings.

8. Other

  • RAM manager is also introduced in settings.
  • Network settings reset is newly included which resets all network data including WiFi,Cellular and Bluetooth
  • When screenshot is taken the ‘delete’ option also toggles in status bar.
  • The home screen can be completely rotated in horizontal view with  Nav bar.
  • The new Visual Voicemail has been introduced in dialer.
  • The Google Now has been improved and works well as compare to previous one.
  • The App data can be moved to External SD Card but not the app.

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