Best LED Monitors under 15000 Full HD #Best User Experience

LED display is a new source of vision in full size computer system making a perfect sense for work and to play. LED is a invention lead to save power, money and giving beautiful look to the invention. Now a days LED is used in many electronics category like LED TV, DRLS, LED panel light, headlights and tail light on many cars. On the other hand LED is also a expensive one. Here the topic on Monitors. So we will tell you budget oriented best led monitor under 15000 full HD display for your computer.

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Best LED monitor under 15000 – Full HD panel #Best User Experience

1. Dell S2240L – 21.5 inch – Full HD – LED backlit

One of the most popular display in the world. It is also in budget device making it first in segment. Also the display maintaining to look excellent and packed with advanced features like 178° viewing angle from all sides, doesn’t have any manual setting to adjust the viewing angle. It is perfect from every side. When the screen turns off giving you very premium look making your room even more premium, full black shiny display apparently no bezels. Yes when you start to play then the bezels appears but very thin (10 mm). On the other side the display is very sensitive too so you have to take care of that. Now let’s take technical specs of this unit:
Dell S2240L - 21.5 inch - Full HD
  • – LED backlit, IPS panel display
  • – 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution
  • – Wide screen TFT Active Matrix LED
  • – Contrast ratio : 1000:1 (Standard), 8000000:1 (Dynamic)
  • – 178° viewing angle (Horizontal & Vertical)
  • – 250 nits of brightness
  • – 18W (Operational), 0.5W (Standby) – Power consumption
  • – Dimensions : 380.2 x 499.1 x 175.8 mm
  • – 3.69 kg of weight
  • – Tilt of screen & Security lock is available
  • – HDMI & VGA Connectivity
  • – Software is available to customize contrast, brightness, etc. (No need to press buttons to customize
Best buy: 130$ (8,500 INR)

2. Dell S2240T – 21.5 inch – Full HD touch input – LED backlit

Dell S2240T - 21.5 inch - Full HD

The touchscreen version of above mentioned display but having many physical changes. If you want an touchscreen display input then this is going to be yours. Yes this is an individual display unlike others (all in one desktop). So that’s sounds good. This is double the price of above mentioned display. Yes there is good news also, the prices are goes down and you can this product (185$). Let’s take a look on technical specs:

Dell S2240T - 21.5 inch - Full HD
  • – 10 Touch points at once, many gesture are predefined like pinch to zoom, tap, slide, swipe, & vice versa
  • – 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution
  • – 12 ms response time
  • – 178° viewing angle from all sides
  • – 0.248 mm pixel pitch
  • – supports windows 8, 8.1 and latest windows 10
  • – HDMI & VGA connectivity
  • – 0° to 60° tilt stand
  • – Ergonomic stand design
  • – Other mounting features: Attach panel head to wall or dell single monitor arm via VESA         adaptor plate
  • – 1 USB 2.0 port
  • – 20W (Operational), 0.5W (Standby)
  • – Dimensions: 382.9 x 522.5 x 77.4 mm
  • – Contrast ratio: 3000:01:00, 4608:01:00 (dynamic)
Best buy: 185$ (12000 INR)

3. Dell S2415H – 24  inch – Full HD – LED backlit

The bigger size but having similar specs as compared to S2240L. This not means it’s ends here. Yes it packed with more took such as integrated speakers. That’s it folks! Although the technical specs are similar to the S2240L model. So, here we will mention only those specs that are not similar to S2240L model. Let’s have a look:
Dell S2415H - 24 inch - Full HD
  • – VESA-compatible 100 x 100 mm wash mount kit
  • – VGA, HDMI, MHL, 3.5mm headphone jack
  • – Ultrathin bezel – 6.05 mm
  • – 6 ms response time
  • – Integrated audio 2 x speakers (3 W each)
  • – EPEAT Gold and TCO – Certified Display standards
  • – Dimensions: 539.2 x 404.6 x 180 mm
  • – 3.43 Kg in weight
Best buy: 225$ (14,500 INR)

4. HP 22fi IPS – 21.5 inch – Full HD – LED backlit

Outstanding design philosophy making this product very unique with low price bracket. The specifications are almost same as that of Dell S2240LL model. In some aspects this model win like 10 millions: 1 contrast ratio while dell has 8 million:1 only, hp’s this product holds many certificates, make very uncompromising in its nature. Let’s head on to technical specs:
HP 22fi IPS - 21.5 inch - Full HD
  • – Contrast ratio: 1000:1 (Static), 10000000:1 (dynamic)
  • – 7 ms response time
  • – 72% NTSC color
  • – VGA, DVI with HDCP connectivity
  • – Dimensions: 499 x 171 x 385 mm
  • – 3 kg in weight

Best buy: 138$ (9,000 INR)

Note: All Dell Display Monitors comes with unique software and can be downloaded through web – You can control all features like brightness, contrast, control, and mode selection at your fingertip. The price quote on the unit is might higher then 230$ or 15000 INR. Best buy price is quoted so you can buy any these of product frequently in-budget.


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