Best tips to extend WiFi range by your own

 The people those who are using WiFi routers have some questions regarding WiFi connectivity. The one of the common problems such as WiFi range; WiFi Speed is poor even the WiFi range is Good etc. Here we will tell you best tips to extend wifi range.
Let us know Why do we face such kind of problems?
  • Assume that there are 6-7 WiFi networks you are getting at your home coverage with a good range. These WiFi networks are blocking each other with an addition of your WiFi network. The reason behind this blocking is because of Overlapping of the Channel. Each WiFi networks have there own channel [range between 1-12 ].
  • Location Of the WiFi routers.

Tips to extend WiFi range and connectivity

Tip 1:  To avoid from blocking of your wifi

 extend WiFi range
First of all you have to know the channel of other wifi networks and yours also.
1. Download the app called WiFi Analyzer .
2. The app will show you the channels of other networks.
3. Note down the channels which are using other networks.
4. Assume that channel 12, 5, 3, 7 are FREE.
5. Now set up your network to these channel [Free].

6. To set up channel, Navigate to in your web browser and login. In that go to Wireless settings of your respective router, there you will find the channel with it’s position. Change according to availability of Free channel. And Save it.

Tip 2: Position of Router

Put your router at center location of your home. So that it can radiate in 360 degree and this will help your router to reach at every corner of your home or its maximum range.

Tip 3: Tweaks with Aluminium paper foil

Aluminium can reflect radiation and tends to maximize the signal.
1. Take a piece of cardboard [ approx. = 20 cm long ,height 15 cm].
2. Cover this cardboard with aluminium paper foil.
3. Slight fold this cardboard in this manner that’s make an arc
4. Place it behind your router antenna.
5. That’s it…. it will improve 20 – 25 %

Tip 4: Don’t Keep your router around Electrical Wires

Place away from electrical wires approx. 2 feet

Tip 5: Use 300 N WiFi Extender

It basically uses your wifi for internet and create a new network and extend the internet connectivity with new wifi network.
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