Best Windows phone Games 2015! Download Now

Any person with a smartphone will have at least one game in their device. And people love to play the games in smartphones. Finding the best games in a store of your device is something like a when you enters Chocolates shop and after seeing many Chocolates in a shop and you are confused which should be bought similarly people finds confusion while they search games in the store. So here we have made it simple for you. We have made a collection of to games which you may like or may find the game for which you were looking. And we know that you are landing on this article that means you are looking for best Windows Phone game. So we would try to not disappoint you.

Best Windows phone game download now

Crime Coast

crime coast
Are you so gangster you make Tony Montana look like Hannah Montana? Then prove it! Pack some heat and hit the street’s, it’s time to blitz though crime coast!
Crime coast is a city builder that pits you against fellow criminals. Which will let you fight to become Coast’s top Mafioso. Build and defend your city recruit henchmen. You will find raid rival cities in this games that will give light hearted twist.  So for what you are looking! Download it!


SiegeFall windows phone game

Smash the castle gates and leave nothing but rubble behind in the game that makes you s builder, strategist and destroyer, all in one!
It is filled with castles, heroes and ofcourse the War. There are twists like Magical cards which boosts during battle. It’s a multiplayer game so be ready to challenge your friends with your war strategy.


Lines windows phone game
Lines is an abstract ‘ Zen ‘ game experience where form is as important as function. Line is the perfect game to play while commuting or in other short moments of downtime.
There are over 250 unique puzzles to conquer. Download it you will gonna love to play!

Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer game
Dream League Soccer

This is a another wonderful game for football lovers. This 3D simulation game had a fresh take on football games. It lets you play footy games but first you will need need to create a team by recruiting players. It’s a immersive and fun with a great soundtrack and sharp graphics. So its a great way to spend a time with this game of you are Football fan.


Hiken windows game

Raise your hands if you love the math games! It’s similar to Sudoku with a coloured tiles to reach a goal number.
Features :
–2 different board size to fit your level.
–3 different games modes to keep things interesting
–4 increasing difficulty levels to keep you focused
–offline games with last saving mode

Phoenix Force

Phoenix Force windows phone game
Phoenix Force will challenge you and your friends in 100 boss battles to see who has the best dodging and strategy skills.
Try it you will enjoy!


Doors windows game

Prepare Youssef to face tough challenges. In this game you will have to use your mind to find the clue to open the doors.
You may need intuitive actions such as tilting, shaking the smartphone. Game comes with auto save. Try this game and use your mind to open the doors. It’s high rated game in the store.

Lep’s World

Lep's World
Lep's World

It’s game like Mario. But this game has better graphics and different levels.
–Beautiful graphics
–8 Unique worlds with 64 levels
–10 items and abilities
–13 demanding enemies
–Challenging boss fights

You can try Also this games :
To download just click on the name of game.

Luxury Car Parking

Crossy Road

Angry Bird Epic

My Boo



Ashphalt 8

Major Mayhem WP

Puzzle Craft


Rail Rush

Six Guns

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