How to refill cartridge of printer effectively (refill up to 100 times)

How to refill cartridge of printer effectively 

Many of the peoples where struggling with their Inject Printer’s cartridge. Some people buy a new cartridge or some might go for refilling from novelty or stationary store. Many where refilling their own but not more than 5 times.
Cartridge is much expensive and effect on cost of printing per page also. So, I want to help you to reduced your cost of printing approx. 10 paise per page. So, how it will work lets go ahead and see the processor…. (here I’m talking about black cartridge)

Step 1:
First of all you need a Fully Blanked cartridge and if you haven’t so then you have to make it empty.
  • By using suction tool OR (for manual) use your mouth and suck it OR use a vacuum cleaner for it
  • For suction you can buy from online store as per your compatible with your cartridge.
refill cartridge
Suction Tool
Step 2:
Apparatus :
  1. Empty Cartridge
  2. Injection/Syringe (capacity:10 ml)
  3. Ink (BLACK)  –   Buy from online store (recommended brand: formujet, go color)
  4. Some tissue paper
Step 3:
Note : Cartridge have different size and tank capacity. Addition of ink in tank accuracy {[+10% or -10%] per 100 ml} – eg. we have 50 ml capacity so 10% of 50 ml is 5 ml but, you have add just 7%  of that.
In our case we have HP 802 Black (Small) Cartridge with capacity of tank 48 ml with blocking of sponge type material inside the tank hold the ink and inject to the printing part. But, overall calculation max 5 ml we can add but for effectiveness we will add just 3 ml (max)
  1. Inject ink to syringe (7 % per 100 ml)
  2. Then inject to cartridge at the TOP in center hole No.3 (Bigger hole you will see). For more details for where to inject in your cartridge then ask us in the comment section below:-
    refill cartridge
Step 4:
Now by using suction tool take out some ink at the bottom of your cartridge. {if you don’t have such kind of tool then you have to suck from your mouth; take a cloth and cover the bottom part then suck in that manner that the ink will not go to your mouth OR you can use vacuum cleaner for it]}
Suction must be less than 1 ml (if ink doesn’t come out the suck hardly until the ink came out; then you can add some ink into it but beware of that only 7% per 100ml you can add)
Step 5:
Then print something
Tip: Doesn’t want suck on every refill then note down the pages that you have printed with 1 time refill then after 2nd time refill remember the pages (eg. 25 page done then add some ink into it 1-2 ml)
For any type of query or question you have let us know will reply you early…. 


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