Manage computer cable in just compact and effective way

Manage your Computer’s CABLES in just compact and effective way.

Why many peoples don’t choose computers? The reason behind is unmanageable cables. Each device connected by cables. Their is lot of stumbling of wires & lack of neatness and cleanliness. But their is effective way to manage all cables and it’s easy for cleaning the stuff and of course neat and tidy.

manage cables
First what you need for this process or technique.
1. Drainage Pipe (4/6 cm diameter)
2. Scissor
3. Measuring Tape (If don’t have then use approximate measurement)
4. Two Wire threading (or simply thread)
Let’s start with the procedure
1. A Drainage Pipe 
Take a size from from measuring tape.
(Point 1: Computer dashboard ; point 2: Up to the CPU back side, where cables will go to CPU)
Approx size will be 1.5m
Cut this pipe from one side (As shown below) So, that all wires will go inside properly and easily.
Fig.:  Cutting edge Top View
You can buy from any hardware store.
2. Insert all wire coming from dashboard in pipe then install/insert to CPU (Point 2)
manage cable
3. Final Touch 
– Tie a thread to wire at both end of pipe. It will hold wires & doesn’t move back & forth.
– Hide the cutting section of pipe to the wall or back side.

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