Top Mobile Insurance Company in India

Top Mobile Insurance Company in India

Today with another interesting topic for you is on Mobile Insurance. First all you need to know about

What is Mobile Insurance? 

Basically mobile insurance is a policy from companies that assured you mobile SECURITY. It means when your mobile gets physically damaged (e.g. Screen Cracked, body damage, etc) or may have been stolen than the insurance company will give the new device (as per the terms and condition of insurance policy). So, for that you have to buy a Mobile Insurance for your mobile device (it may be an tablet ).

Here some of the Top & best mobile phone Insurance company.

This insurance company is also well known in India because of their advertisement. It insured protection against  accidental damages, water/fluid damage, theft, burglary and fire damage. Have a look at the plans…
Syska Gadget Secure

2. Apps Daily

This is also a well known company because of the advertisement on TV. This company gives protection against Theft & Burglary (Not Covered for devices costing less than Rs. 5,000), Liquid Damage, Physical Damage. The policy effective immediately after purchasing the app(Insurance). Repair is also done (covers include damage repair cost). In this Apps Daily site you will notice that “selling mobile Apps”  this tag used many where it means ” Insurance . For more information go to the website (Apps Daily)

Apps Daily
This is associated with New India Insurance (owned by Government of India). So, this give more reliability for you mobile device. Government recognized always gives a genuine trust for us. For more T&C, Policy information about Mobile Insurance & Plans, please refer >> Quick Heal Gadget Security  Official site
Quick Heal Gadget Security
So we closed here because No more top & trusted company we had seen as of now.
Whenever you want buy insurance refer above (our trusted). The Category above mentioned is not categorized ! 
Please read Terms & Condition before buying an Insurance !!! 


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