Top 8 things to be known of OnePlus 2 smartphone

After the great success of OnePlus One phone in market, the OnePlus Company has become with another cool, stylish, well featured and many others things, named the smartphone as OnePlus Two.

Well, after coming in market there are many reviews and observations has come out by many sites and reviewers team. So here are the some things which we have found that should be known to those who are thinking to buy.

1. Finger Prints

oneplus 2

The sensor included in the smartphone is quite well as compare to included in Samsung Galaxy S6 and the process is fast. Sometimes,when the phone goes to asleep mode, it doesn’t wake up at a single press. To wake up you have to take off thumb and press again.


2. Camera

oneplus 2

Everyone wants best Camera in there phone in today’s generation. Camera is the most needed feature of the phone. All we can say that the Camera of OnePlus Two is great but not best. You can’t switch to video mode in some apps.
The camera provided in this smartphone has good performance & clearly one of the best camera in the market of smartphone but can not be considered as the Best. 


oneplus 2

Having a type C USB of any phone can be annoying, if you want to charge your phone and you don’t have the Cable. But it has also a benefit, that is speed. You can transfer your files to computer at very lightening speed.

4. Oxygen OS

oneplus 2

Oxygen OS, a custom theme based on Android but it is very light & snappy. All Google Apps which were not working on Hydrogen OS are working quite well on this OS and stays connected. There are some bugs but not a big issue and it will get fixed in next update of OS.

5.Battery Life

oneplus 2

Everyone when things to buy a new smartphone. The battery life of phone is great when you don’t much use the phone (like cellular data,wifi etc.) but when it comes to daily use with net plan,WiFi, media and all the battery life is not much better as expected. But, this issue people finds usually in all phones. We 
only can say that the Battery life of this phone is not best but Ok Ok… But it charged the phone very fast which is the plus point you can say.

6. WiFi Strength

The WiFi is not a big issue but it is issue for those who uses WiFi network at there workplace or home. The strength of the WiFi is very good & works fine . But when you are connected to a WiFi and your phone goes to asleep mode then sometimes it disconnects automatically and doesn’t reconnect auto ,to connect you have to Re-Turn On the WiFi and connect it.  

7. Headphones and Sound

OnePlus has provided MAXX audio for Music listener but its doesn’t really help when your phone is on speaker mode (Doesn’t improves sound or beats etc..). While the Headphones which company has provided sounds very well or you can say fantastic.

8. Design philosophy

oneplus 2

When it comes to phone, people always things about the Look. The look of OnePlus Two is quite good and impressive. The whole black display which look awesome when phone is at asleep mode. Overall look is very good you can say.

And extra bezel on the button to make room for fingerprint sensor. The phone weights heavy as compare to others companies rocking there phone at light weight.

So there is nothing perfect in the world hence overall you can conclude that the phone is Quite well and in budget with great features at only best selling price $383  or 24,999/- INR.

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