How to run android apps on windows phone 10

How to run Android apps on Windows phone 10 

Microsoft working hard on windows phone’s functionality. The news is that (only for windows 10 user, if also want become windows 10 user then read our article on how to update to windows 10) you can install android apps i.e. APK you can install on windows 10 devices
run Android apps on Windows
Here are some simple steps that you have follow :-
STEP 1: First you need to download WConnect Tool and ADB tools in your PC or Laptop
STEP 2: Unzip the downloaded tools in your PC.
STEP 3: Open WConnect unzipped folder and Install “IpOverUsbIstaller.msi” & “vcredist_x86.exe”
STEP 4: Now pick up your Mobile and go to settings > update & Security > For Developers (enable Developer mode & Device Discovery)
STEP 5: Now get back to the WConnect folder and open an elevated command prompt (press Shift + Right Click > Open command window)
STEP 6: Now connect your Mobile to PC via USB Cable & Open ” wconnect.exe ”

STEP 7: After connecting the phone to PC the it will ask PAIRING CODE (Enter the pair code) & than you will get PAIRED
STEP 8: Now Extract (Unzip) adb tools folder and open an elevated command prompt. (Before go ahead you will have to make sure whether your phone is connected or not; To check, type “adb devices” in command prompt, it will show you the list on ” Connected Device”

STEP 9: Now place the APK file (that you want to install)  in the same directory (adb tools folder) and go with adb install and replace the name apk file with its file name.

STEP 10: Now just wait for a while it will install your APK in your device.

Note : Your device should have at least 1 GB of RAM so that apps can run properly.


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