Guide to setup iphone settings for iphone 6S and 6S Plus

Well, if you are new to iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and want to learn how to use iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and its new features then you are at right place. Guide to setup iphone settings for iphone 6S and 6S Plus

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setup iphone settings


The very first things comes is to un-boxing the iPhone and to set up the device. This is the quite easy task as any one can do it.

The second  thing is to have a back up of your data. New feature ‘The Cloud‘ has made it easy to transfer the data of previous device whether it was iPhone or Android.
The iPhone users can easily get there data via iCloud or iTunes.
While if your previous device was Android then this can help you


Once you have done all set up and backed up all your data now it’s time to add your accounts.
Well it’s quite easy task and similar to other OS also. To add accounts go to Settings > Accounts
In accounts there will be many list of account ,select the account of which you have users ID and accept the privacy and log in. That’s it.


Touch ID is the Apple’s fingerprint authentication technology. Through which you can unlock your phone and vice versa. Authorized purchases in iTunes can be done by simply by reading and recognizing your fingerprints.
To set up touch ID navigate to Settings > Touch ID and Passcode ,there you will see finger’s name for fingerprint as per your convenience select the finger and touch on Home button.


iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus comes with the new feature of Apple i.e 3D Touch. This feature lets you peek and pop into contents by pressing lighter or deeper into the Ion-X glass display.


Here are some basic tips
  1. To take beautiful pictures with lots of editing features use third party apps
  2. Turn Off Flash and use exposure light in night to take good clarity pictures
  3. Use burst mode for Action mode ,this will give you almost 10-15 motion pictures and select the best one from them.
  4. Turn On HDR mode, iPhone has in build HDR mode which helps in to take high quality pictures and makes it beautiful.
  5. Hold camera for a little while to focus it perfectly on a object.


How to enable 4K videos

For this Go to Settings > Photos and Camera > Video > Tap 4K at 30fps
enable 4K videos

Airplay and Airplay

You can Airdrop 4K movies directly to your mac or in the iOS so that you can view or work on them or you can also watch it on 4K TV via HMDI adapter.
Airplay and Airplay
Well here we end our quick guide of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.
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