Fix – Windows 10 activation problem!

What to do when your PC thinks that Windows isn’t properly installed.
If you got lucky while installing or upgrading the windows 10, as soon as you type the 25 character activation key it will automatically update and that will confirms that you have a legal copy of Windows that you’re entitled to use, which will get security updates and new features. But for some users, Windows 10 isn’t activating properly. Here’s how to fix that. But it’s not always happens with all.

Windows 10 activation

Fix Windows 10 activation problem:

The very first thing you do is check Update & Security in Settings to see the activation of your copy of Windows has been activated or not! You may see like Connect to the internet to activate Windows Or your network connection is not proper/ working Or Windows activation servers are busy.
If you don’t find such reasons then you can Activate. Many systems activates the windows automatically in background. If you still not able to update then try using a different network connection, you can’t activate it if your connection is a proxy server ( where password and usernames are needed for authentication).

If you see error messages 0XC004E003, 0x8007000D, 0x8007232b or 0x8007007B, they usually mean that the activation servers are overloaded and the installer can’t reach them to validate your installation ID.

1. If you can’t wait

If you don’t want to wait (or you suspect the problem is your network connection), you can try an automated phone activation. Simply go to Windows-R or type this command straight into the Cortana search box (and select Run command from the Cortana results):


This will simply open the box which will ask you for country choose and it will show the free numbers to call and your Installation ID (divided into groups to make it easier to read) – take a note of it, call the number and type in your Installation ID, then click Next on screen. The Microsoft automated system will read out an installation key that you can type into the SLUI dialog box.
If the SLUI command doesn’t run, you may need to start it from an admin command prompt – right-click on the Windows key and choose Command Prompt (Admin).
If you want to reset your product key and force activation, you can use the command line for that too. Open an admin command prompt and type: SLMGR.VBS -REARM

Now press Enter and restart your PC, then enter the product key as normal and force activation by opening an admin command prompt and typing: SLMGR.VBS -ATO

Again you need to restart.
If you can’t type in the product key for any reason, at the admin command prompt, type:
(Fill in your product key instead of the Xs, then restart).

Error 0xC004F061

This means that you didn’t have a previous version of Windows to upgrade from (if you used to run Linux or you’ve just reformatted or replaced your drive). Either install Windows 7 or 8, or use your Windows 7 or 8 product key (if you’re installing a new enough build of Windows 10 – at least build 10565).

Error 0xC004C008

This means that the product key you’re trying to use has been used to activate another PC already – if it’s a key that can activate multiple systems, then you’ve reached the limit.

Error 0x80072F8F

You might see this activation error if your computer’s date and time are set incorrectly or Windows is having trouble connecting to online activation service failing to verify your product key.

To verify your PC’s date and time, follow these steps:
1.Click on ‘Start’ , select Settings > Time & language > Date & time
2.Make sure that your PC is set with the correct date and time.

In order to check your Internet connection, follow these instructions:
1. Type “network troubleshooter” in the search box on taskbar, and then choose Identify and repair network problems.
2. Following the on-screen instructions can fix any problems with your network.
In the case if network troubleshooter didn’t detect any problems with network connection, try reboot your PC to check if that fixes the problem.



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