Best Smart TVs and Guide for you to buy this festive season.

Best Smart TVs and Guide for you to buy

Buying a new TV is not like buying a phone. This is a piece of Home Cinema that you are going to be using for a almost 7,8 years. So finding a best is important and the more important is to have in a Budget.To make it easy for you we have listed some best smart tv for amazing experience at home.

Why to buy a Smart TV?

Latest smarter technology has changed the way of watching television. Gone the days of scheduled TV programs. Laptops, smartphones and tablets have changed the way we consume media. Smart TVs bring the power of the internet to your TV. You can browse the web, get real-time news updates and watch your favorite TV program, whether it’s live or on demand.

So first of all us know What should you look while buying a Smart TV.

When you compare smart TVs, a large list of pre loaded apps is a necessity. Also look for a great display. All of the TVs we reviewed have HD resolution, but the screens vary widely in black levels, color depth and refresh rate. Having plenty of connections is important as well if you want to connect extra peripherals. We ranked the best smart TVs based on the following criteria.


If you have smart TV then the title itself tells that it should have large feature set and different quality then others product. The number of apps is important because it allows you to steam the content. You will need TVs which will features apps like NETFLIX, HULU Plus and Amazon Instant Videos for all type of video streaming. Other Apps like Facebook, YouTube and Pandora are using in Smart TV is like a fun. In case if you got bored with pre loaded apps then to get other creativity you need to access to an app store. Customization in home screen is nice because it allows you to pin your favourite apps on home screen.Some smart TVs gives 3D viewing capabilities with 3D glasses. Few TVs works on a voice or gestures control, no need to use remote o operate TV remotelessly.


Resolution describes the sharpness of the pictures in terms of horizontal lines of pixels. As you are going for Smart TV so it should have 1080 pixels. As now a days a days menufactures are rapidly shifting towards 4K resolution which means 2160 horizontal line (double of 1080). Which will provide you more sharper and clear pictures. Better you go for one of these two resolution.


Most built-in speakers are lacking in power, so we recommend adding an extra sound system. However, some TVs have 15-watt speakers – instead of the standard 10 watts – to add extra depth to your viewing. To experience better you should have extra sound system.

HDMI and Connections

You may thing that it won’t matter to much but it is very important to pay attention towards the number of HDMI inputs TV have. You should make sure while buying a TV that have HDMI 2.0 ports support. Look for at least 4 HDMI ports and HDCP compatibility.

Screen size

If you are looking for Smart TV then the at least size should be more then 32″ to experience best quality pictures. The size of always matter with the distance of your TV from view point. So below chart can give you a better idea.

Screen size Distance from screen
Up to 22” 4 – 5ft
24 to 32” 6 – 9ft
39 to 46″ 10 – 11ft
47 to 50″ 12ft
55 to 60″ 13ft
65 to 75″ At least 14ft
Over 75″ At least 20ft


Help & Support

When you purchase a TV, it’s nice to know the manufacturer has your back. In case you have a question about your TV or encounter a warranty issue, it’s important to have customer support options like live chat, email or toll-free phone help. The industry standard for TV warranty is one year.

Here are the list of Best Smart TV for home 

Samsung J520D

Samsung J520D smart tv
It comes with full-HD, flat-screen, color-enhanced LED, Internet-connected models, with 60 Hz refresh rates and the ability to play audio and video streams from your favorite Web sources. You’ll need to connect your TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi. You can also access portable devices, such as a smartphone or tablet. Your computer-style inputs include a USB port for a mechanical mouse as well as an on-screen keyboard. Samsung smart TVs are beginning to utilize their own Tizen (Linux-based) operating system for Internet-connected functions.The J520D series offers screen sizes from 40-to-50 inches.

Samsung J520D

Samsung J520D smart tv

This is one of Samsung’s next-generation, 4K smart TV, SJ9000 series, a curved smart TV. Samsung’s lays on the hype in its description of the devices with phrases like “redefines your TV viewing experience,” “reveal a brighter, more true-to-life-picture” and promising you will “get drawn into the action with the 3D “state-of-the-art curved panel.” I’ve seen a JS900 on display and I can vouch for the fact that the screen looks very, very good, but I’m not sure it was a life-changing experience. The JS900 series comes in three screen sizes: 48 inches for $1,999.99, 55 inches for $2,499.99, and 65 inches for $3,499.99.


LG LB6300 HDTV smart tv

LG Electronic’s 47LB6300 47-inch 1080p LED Smart TV is LG’s best HDTV without 3D. The LB6300 Series uses a premium IPS panel for wider viewing angles and accurate colors. New Smart TV interface. The LB6300 Series has an Edge Lit LED backlight to provide a brighter picture, higher contrast and substantial energy savings. For 2014 the LB6300 Series TV has a built-in HEVC (H.265) decoder which will allow up to 60fps Full HD streaming. The 47LB6300 with its onboard 120Hz and MCI 600 reduces blurring when you’re watching your favorite sporting event, action movie, or playing a fast moving video game. The LB6300 Series is DLNA CERTIFIED® and has 24p Real Cinema video processing (for a movie theater experience). Energy Star compliant.

Samsung UN48H5500

Samsung UN48H5500 smart tv

The UN48H5500 sits in the middle of the 5500 series LED TVs for the Samsung 2014 lineup. This value model keeps the excellent Samsung Smart TV platform while foregoing some of the picture quality niceties seen in the 6350 series. The biggest improvement to the smart TV platform is the quad core processor to keep things quick and speedy. The full HD display with a Clear Motion Rate of 480 are all you get in the picture quality department. That isn’t to say that the resulting picture is bad at all. Samsung’s edge-lit LED TVs produce a great picture from front and center viewing angles. The retail price for this one is $749.99.

Sony KDL-W800B

Sony KDL-W800B smart tv

The Sony KDL-W800B is a feature packed mid level LED TV for 2014. The X-Reality PRO processing engine and the 120Hz native refresh rate are the star features here. You get top quality images associated with the Sony brand as well as great refresh rates for live sports programming, gaming, and fast action. Sony went with active 3D technology on this one. We’ve really been loving passive 3D lately so it’s a shame to go back to active here. The 50-inch size starts at a reasonable $999.

Sony KDL-40W600B

Sony KDL-40W600B smart tv

Powerful Edge LED back lighting bright peak whites. Very strong color rendition for a lower end edge lit LED TV 4 HDMI inputs is enough for any home theater. USB media player accepts a wide range of video formats. Game mode effectively reduces controller input lag Sony Entertainment. Network provides plenty of apps for streaming content Sub woofer out on the TV is a very cool feature

Sony XBR-79X900B Bravia

Sony XBR-79X900B Bravia smart tv

The standout features of the 79X900B are 1) the X-tended Dynamic Range feature which allows for more active zone control of the LED backlighting and 2) the Side Mounted speakers eliminate the need for a surround sound system. The side mounted speaks look a bit retro but the TV otherwise is so striking that overall it’s a unique and great look. These speakers do not lack in performance characteristics especially not in the important vocals category. Exceptional Color Rendition and super sharp resolution. Clarity and sense of depth in images 65 watt 2.2 channel speakers are loud and sound great. Less judder than other LED TVs even with the Motionflow setting off Passive. 3D quality is best in market Up-Conversion of 480, 720, 1080 material is a highlight and a very important quality


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