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Some of the Best user interface (UI) based on different kind of platform. Let us know the best UI. Eventually we’ve best platform like Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows Phone, etc. These platform are very much popular. Android Operating system (OS) is most customised OS & widely used. iOS is developed & used by Apple Inc. in their product like iPhone, iPad, etc. No other have any authority to use this OS, although a very beautiful UI (iOS itself a UI). Coming to the Windows Phone OS specially developed for Smartphone by Microsoft. This OS first seen in Nokia Lumia Device. Now Lumia series owned by Microsoft. A windows phone OS has it’s own windows UI. Tizen OS was developed in 2013 by Samsung.

Android phone with best user interface 

We are going to take a look most popular and useful and more functionality UI. This article is published to helping you to buy perfect device on interface design.

Best User Interface (UI) in Smartphone – #BestUserExperience


MIUI user interface

One of the best & beautiful UI developed by Xiaomi Inc. The latest version is MIUI 7 which is more beautiful and fast. Xiaomi had started their journey in smartphone by developing UI. MIUI first developed in 1996. After getting good response from user, Xiaomi continued their journey. Today Xiaomi ranks 3th in world followed by companies like LG & Lenovo in world in Information technology world. Xiaomi sells their smartphone with brand name MI (Mobile Internet). The flash sale strategy launched by xiaomi.

Here are some interface features of new MIUI 7
If you wants to experience the iPhone interface in your android devices than this is the best interface for you to try. There are four new system UI themes that change the way icons, menus and other graphic elements look. You can choose from Rosé, Pink Blush, Ocean Breeze and High Life.

You can also use Muse, the new theme creation tool, to customize the interface the way you want, complete with animations and dynamic content. Xiaomi says it now has over 15,000 themes available in its store. By which you can do customisation according to the you want your phones interface.

2. Google Now (Stock version)

 Google Now (Stock version) user interface

Well every product of google I’d worth of using. Google now is one of that. It is actually a launcher type interface. Launcheer type in the sense like you can remove it if don’t want it and can reinstall or reset it. Usually observed the devices like Nexus and also come as a default in Motorola devices.

Google now allows you to search instantly on the home screen of the your device while before lollipop for this you were supposed to swipe right to see latest news, updates, weather updates or to search. The Google Now is quite simple and relevant to use. The icon sizes are a bit bigger than others but this doesn’t make difference. This includes Google Photos app which saves automatically yours photos to your Google drive account, you just only needs to enable this feature in that app. And this app also edits your pictures according to itself like makes collage of 3,4 pictures Or makes a image videos. This is amazing feature as it saves your time.

3. Windows 10

Windows phone 10 user interface
Windows 10 was introduced recently by Microsoft. Lumia 950 XL was the Microsoft’s first flagship which launched before a month. Microsoft has brought many features in this UI that were missing in the previous UI Windows 8.1.
The new interface introduced in Windows 10 is very elegant and easy. As per my personal experience in Windows phone 10 and Windows phone 8.1, there is lots of improvement and new things are added also made it very handy for use.
I started using Windows phone from windows 8 and then windows 8.1 and now experienced Windows 10. The thing i observed in this Windows 10 UI is its feels you awesome when you are using it.
The new Windows 10 UI provides you to change tye background image that is transparent for your tiles as well as app list which is very attractive. As from starting only Windows UI is always a supportive for battery life because of its black background.
As per my personal experience windows 10 UI have many more to come and its very good UI to go. If you are switching first time to Windows 10 UI you may find it difficult but after some time i bet you, you will gonna love this UI.

4. Cyanogen Mod

Cyanogen Mod user interface

CyanogenMod is developed as free and open source software based on the official releases of Android by Google. This UI is used by companies like OnePlus, Yu Yureka. It is an enhanced open source firmware distribution for smartphones and tablet computers based on the Android mobile operating system. It offers features and options not found in the official firmware distributed by vendors of these devices. Features supported by CyanogenMod include native theming support, FLAC audio codec support, a large Access Point Name list, an OpenVPN client, an enhanced reboot menu, CPU overclocking and other performance enhancements, soft buttons and other “tablet tweaks”, app permissions management, as well as other interface enhancements. CyanogenMod does not contain spyware or bloatware. In many cases, CyanogenMod may increase performance and reliability compared with official firmware releases.

Cyanogen Change literally everything about your device’s appearance. Cyanogen OS goes far beyond wallpaper and fonts to enable incredibly deep levels of customization—from icons to boot animations to lock screens. You can Change almost every possible interaction with your device. From adding and removing buttons to selecting actions for different gestures, Cyanogen OS lets you control how your device works for you. You can even customize actions such as Long Press, Tap, and Double Tap. It is a very popular interface in the Android devices right now.

5. Sony xperia

Sony xperia UI user interface
Sony Xperia UI is like having a Abstract wallpaper in your device. One things that we love about Sony’s Xperia user interface is that it is very lightly skinned over other Android UI. Xperia UI only adds one tweak to the Android notification shade and provides small control icons for the most commonly used setting’s like Bluetooth, Mobile data, Wi-Fi etc. & you can also customize according to your convenient.
The application organization in Xperia UI is different from other and handy which makes it different than other. In newer device they organize by categories which is very helpful for finding the quickly apps. Xperia provides it own themes which are elegant and very handy also allows you to customize as per your convenient. The light appearances of themes helps in the performance of devices. Overall Xperia UI is quite good and easy to use.

6. iOS

iOS UI user interface

iOS is the Apple’s UI comes in its devices iPhones, iPad and other products. Apple doesn’t allow the other third party to use this UI. This UI is mostly used by businessman. It has very impressive interface.
The new iOS 9 has completely changed the iOS UI. iOS 9 has been seen in the latest flagship iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus of Apple. Apple has introduced 3D touch which is very useful in the performing many task in a single touch. This is the first time apple has introduced. It is very secure UI and recommended for business purpose.
The only thing where Apple goes behind is the cost. It is expensive, so mid budget people don’t go for this. Then also this iOS UI has its own personality. Its looks great on hands and many times it shows standard also.

7. Htc

Htc UI user interface

HTC Sense is a software suite developed by HTC, used primarily on the company’s Android-based devices. HTC Sense 6.0, nicknamed “Sixth Sense”, was announced alongside the 2014 HTC One (M8) on March 25, 2014. Based on Android 4.4 KitKat, it is similar to Sense 5, but offers new customization options (such as color themes and new font choices), increased use of transparency effects (particularly on the home screen, and on Sense 6.0 devices which use on-screen buttons), and updates to some of its included apps. Blink Feed, Gallery, TV, and Zoe are now updated independently of Sense through Google Play Store. The HTC One (2013), One Mini and One Max are updated to 6.0 via a software update.

HTC Sense 7.0 was announced at the Mobile World Congress on March 1, 2015, as far as the default user interface is concerned, save for a few tweaked icons and a new weather clock widget. Perhaps the most notable new feature is the new user interface theming app (simply called “Themes”), which allows users to alter the color schemes, icons, sounds, and fonts throughout the operating system. Users can either create their own themes from scratch or download pre-made ones created by HTC or fellow users. Another major new feature is the ability to customize the navigation buttons across the bottom of the display; users can now change their order and add a fourth button, such as a power button or one that hides the navigation bar altogether.

Final words: Interface is something that looks attractive while using a device. For a device only interface doesn’t makes your device best, you need to have a good performance also. A MIUI & CYNOGENMOD are most recommendable.

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