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Tips to increase apps downloads.

Your work never ends only after developing the app and submitting to store and made available for downloads. In other words it can be said that the actual hard work has only begun!

Developing an app is not difficult task if you  know the coding language and implementation.
To get more downloads of the app after arrival in store in not an easy task. As in every type of business this task is necessary to get succeed in your business, like in website’s, developing a website is not big deal now a days. To get a traffic on your website is big task to get succeed.

Many developers, developed the app and they don’t get the downloads which can result your hard work and time spent as waste. So here you can learn tips that can boost your downloads.

The main platform for which you can develop an App are the App store for iOS Apps and Google play for Android. Although the platforms and stores are different but the techniques used to gain downloads are similar that you can apply to promote your App.

First let us know how do user can riches your application.
According to Forrester the top sources are:

  •  Browsing through the platform’s official store – 63%
  • Recommendation from others – 50%
  • Browsing the stores top Apps – 34%
  • Througmagazinesnetworks – 19%
  • General internet browsing – 16%
  • Via search engine ( Google, Bing etc ) – 14%
  • Ads in a newspaper or magazines – 7%
  • Reading blogs – 7%
  • Reading Newsletter – 6%
  • TV ads – 35%
  • Smartphone ads – 6%
  • Radio ads – 3%
  • Others advertisement – 7%

You would have seen in the list above that there are many ways to promote your app Or you can influence the people directly or indirectly. And some of promoting may require budget as in case if Advertisement on TV, Newspaper, Radio and Smartphone. There are also other way that can make greater impact on your apps downloads.

The very first thing is

App Store Optimization ( ASO )

ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in the app stores search results. It is same as SEO ( Search engine optimisation ) for website blog. The higher your app ranks in the app store’s search result, more visible it is to potential customers. That boots downloads of your apps.
Many developer don’t focus on the ASO, hence optimising ASO in a perfect manner can boosts your app downloads. ASO is a secret weapon. Spend frequently time to improve your ASO and you will meaningfully impact your apps ranking and downloads too.
Here is the tips so that you can improve your ASO
 Title – The keywords placed in the title should be the one which has highest search results. Having a keyword in your title can improve your app search ranking by 10.3%. So always try to place your most relevant keywords in the title.

Keyword – As we already stated Keywords are the measure factor that can improve your app ranking. Keep on searching the keyword that is relevant for your app title.

Rating & Review – The rating is also very important factor. As per our research 60% of user clicks on app after looking at rating that is shown in stars. So try to use Pop up of review once when an user opens the app so some of them can give you rating and don’t forget to insert – “Don’t show this msg again” for the rating pop up. Because every one don’t like disturbances when he/she using the app.

App Description – A description is always important because every one should understood what you are providing. It is same case with the ASO. Search engine should understand the your app content so that it can ranks your app high. And yes this is also other place where you can insert the Keywords. So always try to give full description about your app and use more about of keyword so that app can rank high.

App Screenshots – This factor does not contribute to ranking in search results, it will make impact on user to download the app because there is no garranty that an user will download the app, if user is looking your app. Screenshot is something that can makes feel a user that weather he/she wants to download it or not. So always try to insert Screenshots in very well manner. You will find 5 spaces for inserting an image in Apple Store and 8 in Google play store.

App Localisation –  People always love the thing when they find it easy. App localisation is to provide your content in language translation. Some of country like China, Japan etc… user likes to use apps in there own language so if you provide them such a facility then that can increase your app downloads in that country.

Here are some other forms that can help you to boost downloads

There are various form that can have significant results although less impact on ASO.

1. Promotion on Social Networks

Promotion on Social Networks

As social network is the great platform to promote your business. App downloads can also be increased by sharing it on social networks. You should promote your app among with its potential on Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.. Every social network has it’s platform so it should be shared according to that so that people can rich easily. Facebook has Mobile App ads that can really boost your downloads. It does not cost much so everybody can afford it.

2. App’s Website

There are some sites that are specially designed for promoting the Apps of web application that can also help you to gain downloads. You can optimize for SEO ( search engine optimization ). Since there are many site that are mobile responsive, so Google can index your app if you have perfect SEO.

3. CPI Campaigns ( Cost per Install )

If your app is paid Or some have some in App purchase then you make it available for free during short period and promote it with the AppTurbo Or AppGrafts.

4. Cross promotion in  apps

Well if you have already other app then you can use that app to promote your new app Or if your friends have app then also you ocan request him and promote it. Promoting in other apps boosts your downloads.

5. Interface & Handy

Interface & Handy

Interface can help you to boost your downloads. Suppose you have an app and same type of app is also present in store then there is comes confusion. User will select that app which has easy and beautiful interface. So always try to make your interface simple and beautiful so that user can enjoy the using App.

6. Bug free

Users always loves the app if they find easy to use and without interpreting some them to complete there task. Bug is something that can make your app stop anytime and that any user will never like. So always keeps on updating the app with more reliability and bug free.

The other thing is Keep users engaged

Push Notification

Unlike an email that has lot of unread messages in an inbox, push message’s can drive attention of users towards your App. If your app is giving the features updates Or News or whatever always use push notification. Push notification drives more than 88% app launches. If you have great content then garranty a user will suggest other’s to downloads that can really boosts you app downloads.


If you have Game type app then always spend time to make it more competitive and add more features, levels. An users always loves to try new things in game so that if you keep on adding different innovative things then it can also help you to get more ratings and downloads too.

Add Share buttons and Bonus gifts

Always add sharing buttons to your app so that if an user liked yout app then he/she never find difficulty in sharing your apps and giving the ratings. Adding a bonus gift can also results in a large number of downloads. As from last few years many app developer have tried and they reached millions of downloads.

Listen Users

Listen Users

Always try to implement the suggestion of your users given in reviews. If you implement that then an user will love to use your app and will give you more ratings and reviews and will share too. That can also boosts your downloads.

Final Words : At the we would say that it can not be said that exact promotion but if you try then it can really help you to rich more number of downloads. If your app has more number of competitors then you will have to give more creativity and hard work. And yes, ASO takes its time to rank higher so keeps on improving your app. And always try to give what an user wants from you.
” The more you make customer happier, the more you succeed.” The simple rule of universe to get success in every type of Business.
Hope you liked it.

Keep Sharing, Sharing is Caring.


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