Top 10 things to be known of Apple Watch.

Apple has finally launched the Apple watch in India yesterday. The watch launched in India after 7 month of its released in US. It was much awaited in Indian market. The company will going to sell this wearable product over 100 Apple premium stores in the country. Here is all you need to know about Apple’s first wearable product Apple Watch.

Apple Watch.

Three variant option

There are three editions and two sizes. The the editions are Apple watch sport, Apple watch and Apple watch premium edition comes with two optional size 38 mm and 42 mm.
The watch will be available in Gold, Rose Gold, Space grey, Silver anodized aluminium, Polished silver Or Space black stainless steel and Yellow Gold colour variants.
The entry level Watch sport uses 7000 series aluminium and aluminosilicate glass. The mood range watch uses sapphire glass and cold forged 316L stainless steel while super premium Watch is of 18-carat yellow or rose gold.


Apple Watch display

The display is literally the crown jewel of the smartwatch, and Apple delivers with its AMOLED.
If you don’t know what is AMOLED display then below give some line can help you to know it.

AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology is now often seen in its next-generation Super AMOLED guise. With these displays, individual pixels are lit separately (that’s the active matrix bit) on top of a thin film transistor (TFT) array that passes electricity through organic compounds (that’s the OLED bit). Colors are typically brighter with AMOLED and Super AMOLED, and blacks are darker because portions of the screen can be effectively turned off. This also leads to a theoretical improvement in battery life.

The 38mm version has a 1.34-inch display (272×340 pixels; 326ppi) while the 42mm version has a 1.54-inch display (312 x 390 pixels; 326ppi).


Fitness features


Apple Watch display

The app stores apps can request for sensing the live health just like   a Built in Workout app. Even when you are not active the Healthkit keeps on recording and passes it to the app which you can see any time.
The Watch is a great activity tracker – not just because it tracks your steps (all activity trackers do that) – but because it can track what type of activity you’re doing – such as exercise and stairs.Inside the Watch, there is an accelerometer, gyroscope, heart   rate sensor, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and memory storage. It doesn’t have GPS, but it can pull GPS information from the connected phone.



Yes, you can make or receive a call as long as you are paired with your iPhone device. The phone app can make and take Face time audio call as well as standard calls. If your carrier supports Wi-Fi calling, those calls can also be placed and answered right on the Apple Watch.


Changable Bands

The bands can be easily swapped out in a minute, thanks to a strap release button on the underside. Even the link bracelet can be adjusted for size without having to go to a watch shop or jeweller.


Digital Crown

Apple Watch

The control scheme is touch plus a side button and the digital crown (which you can rotate and click). There are also a couple of gestures: Swipe down for notifications, up for glances. The taptic engine can deliver different types of vibration to your wrist for different alerts and notifications – these range from a light tap to a nudge or long vibration.



apple watch Music

Now Play music like the glance, lets you control whatever is currently queued up. Force Touch to get shuffle, repeat, source, and AirPlay options. My Music lets you brows the Artists, Albums, and Songs in your music library. Force Touch to get shuffle all, source, Now Playing, and Library View. All of the options are available to stream from your iPhone. Now Playing, My Music, and Playlists are available, if synced over, on your Apple Watch.


Emoji & Notifications

apple watch Emoji & Notifications

Apple has added more animated emoji faces to the reply sheet. Spin the crown and you now have options for sunglasses, kisses, sleep, colds, coughs, death, sadness, grins, and more.
Notifications in Apple watch OS can include inline text replies. You can bring some Text sheet for quick reply if you have saved. Siri can also pull up Glances which makes easier to get to if you’re not already on the clock face.

Charging Apple Watch 

You should typically expect to charge it every night – the relatively small battery and multiple functions mean that it will be out or juice in about 12 to 14 hours. This can be a annoying but however you will need to take care of charge.

Pricing ( ₹ )

Apple Watch Sport 38 mm starts at Rs 30,900 while 42 mm starts at Rs 34,900; Apple Watch 38 mm starts at Rs 48,900 while 42 mm starts at Rs 52,900 . The 38 mm Watch Edition starts at Rs 8,20,000 and the 42 mm Edition starts at Rs 9,90,000.

Final words

At the end we’d say as its first Apple’s wearable product may need improvements but as you have seen it has many feature and design so if you have liked it then go for it.


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