Best action camera accessories for GoPro to capture adventure

Best Action Camera Accessories for GoPro

If you want to make a documentary of family day out or to capture stunning moments of your life or to make videos of racing, riding, swimming whatever then the Action Camera might be the best tool for the job. But all time only an action camera does not do the work for you or some action you can not capture or record without best action camera accessories. So you always need to have a best camera accessories for action shoot to make it perfect with smooth controlling. Here we have considered all best action camera accessories for GPS tracking, quad copters, panorama.

1. Trace Action Sports tracker

Trace Action

This is the one of the best device you can buy for your GoPro. It is simple to use and cuts time consuming editing. It can revolutionize the way of using camera for action shot. You can stick it to surfboard or ski and then the Trace will record the mouton and GPS data.

The editing of footage is quite easy, all you need to link Trace to your computer, open the Trace video app and the video footage will be automatically edited. This is really helpful for editing the footage without wasting a time for hours and then uploading.
Mainly it can be used for snow and surf.

2. TurnsPro Time Lapse Camera

TurnsPro Time Lapse

This is a new innovative motorised device which helps you to take the panning time lapse footage or motion videos with your GoPro. It is easy to use and set up. It adds stability and the controls on the front enables you to adjust the direction of rotation, degrees of camera rotation from 15 to 360 in the time 20 seconds to 10 hours depending upon the type of footage. It is simple in design and ideal for motion time-lapse recordings.

3. 3DR Solo

3DR Solo

Drones are becoming popular from last few years and 3DR solo can be a very helpful for you to try. An optional gimbals enables a GoPro to be attached to the base of the drone and then a clear live view feed direct from the drone to your mobile device on the ground can be made through a strong Wi-Fi link. Intelligent flight features such as Orbit, Cable Cam and Follow Me can be activated using the touch-screen app on an iOS or Android mobile device. The drone is amazing the robust, follow me features is perfect for capturing the action shot from distance.



It is the wrist mounted live view remote that can take your hard knocks. You can see live view in your wrist. It is gives amazing robust live view remote that can be attached to your wrist or can be mounted on a handlebar or on vehicle for easy viewing. It provides the live view with with full controlling and adjustment features of camera as needed. It is a great device for viewing and adjusting the settings simultaneously which makes it more likely to use.

5. K-Edge Go Big GoPro Saddle Rail Mount

K-Edge Go Big

K-Edge Go is a simple design and easy to mount for you to experience action photography. You can mount it on bike or on car wherever it can fit perfectly, it will gonna give you great experience. It will provide you a quality of video footage when shooting from a bike or on car. You will not have to bother about adjustment of it whether it got perfectly fit or not, it provides good video quality. The all metal design is as simple as they come and clamps directly to the rails under your seat where it bolts on tight. Overall it performance is good and worth to have.

6. PanoPro actioncamera 360

PanoPro actioncamera

PanoPro 360 is the compact in a design so you can take it anywhere. It shoots 360 degree view very impressive but due to the inbuilt software which is little dated you will face difficulties to shoot and edit but once you have made all things proper then this device will give you an amazing experience. Once you have taken the footage then needs to be taken into the PanoPro software and exported. When played back you can scroll around the moving footage in true 360 degree vision. The thing which can put your step behind is that it is expensive.

7. Samsung 64GB Pro+

Samsung 64GB Pro+

As the name suggests that it provides storage memory for to store the high quality videos. It can keep your even 4K video footage also. It is not cheap but has one of the best feature of writing fast in a MicroSD card, shooted footage.It will give a 30mb/s of minimum writing speed. However your writing speed will depend upon the class of MicroSD i.e whether class 10 or class 4 whatever. It will give you 95mb/s of read & 90mb/s of writing speed of shooted footage in card. This makes it an ideal choice for 4K videos and high speed.

8. Eachshot T Z1-Rider

Eachshot T Z1-Rider

Eachshot T Z1-Rider comes with Gyroscopic sensor and has a easy setup to use with GoPro. It will give you a incredibly smooth footage. The image stabilisation feature improves the quality and professionalism to your video footage. The all-metal design gives it an air of quality and this is reflected in the incredibly smooth footage that it enables you to capture.

9.Thule Legend GoPro Backpack   

Thule Legend GoPro Backpack

The Thule legend GoPri Backpack is quite impressive but very expensive for its size as it provides you a plenty of space for GoPro and other kit too. It has two easy GoPro mounting positions.It is lightweight ultra comfortable pack with two GoPro mounting positions, one on the back and the other as a chest mount. The back also features an integrated hard case to hold three GoPros with a further section above for quick access to accessories and kit. In addition to the GoPro features, the main zipped section is large enough for plenty of supplies or a laptop and camera if you’re not on the slopes.

10. Manfrotto Off Road ThrilLED Light Kit

 Manfrotto Off Road ThrilLED

Manfrotto LED lifht kit is one of the best lighting kit for your gopro. It has three power settings which can give you more options use for long time and to adjust the light as peer your needs. Fittings of this kit is quite easy and makes you feel like a snug. The light bar can be adjusted to direct the light as per your requirement. The ligjt is good enough for you to illuminate people and boost the image quality in low light conditions. Theligjt is designed to illuminate a broad area rather than throw the light over a distance.

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