Best and most innovative Android apps in Google play store.

Finding the best and most innovative android app that offers you more and different features?
Well, to find best apps in play store feels like a disconcerting as there are large number of Android apps are available in play store.

Here are some of best innovative Android apps

1. Whats Tool  

Whats Tool android app

Whats tool is one of the best app to transfer files like Archives, Docs, EBooks, Music, Images, Gif Videos of up to 1 GB via Any Instant messaging app installed in your android phone.

The uploading and downloading of file be paused and resume in case if you lost your network or wanted to forward later on. You can share uploading file to any one. WhatsTools user who is going to download or upload a large file he can preview the video content before its downloading.

Once you have been installed WhatsTools, then you have to go WhatsApp and click file selection menu you can see a additional file picker menu that generated by WhatsTools.


2. Dock4Droid

Dock4Droid android app

Dock4Droid-this application gives you most recent applications in a dock in one of the side of screen. Dock4Droid is the first Dock task manager for the Android platform. You can quickly access your running tasks from anywhere.
This app is a lite version but fully functional. In the paid version you may access all sort of different settings, including: unlimited number of launchers, excludes and contacts, customize colors etc.


 3. Instadict 

Instadict android app

You may be reading something and then you find any unknown word you just copy the word then paste it to another dictionary and then you search the word.

But using this app you just need to copy the word and shake the phone…..and you get the meaning of that word instantly.


4. Copy Bubble

Copy Bubble android app

When you want to copy multiple things but normally you can copy one thing at a time so this application gives you the ability to copy multiple things as well as images and they all are kept in a bubble from there you can paste where ever you want.


5. Afterfocus Pro

Afterfocus Pro android app

AfterFocus, you can create DSLR-style background blurred photo by simply selecting focus area. Selecting a focus area more precisely, you can achieve more natural and professional image.

Realistic filter effects : Smart focus area selection, Background Blur effect, Filter effect Double photo can give you amazing photography experience.


6. MusixMatch

Afterfocus Pro android app

Musixmatch is the world’s largest lyrics catalog, that lets you enjoy diverse music with synced lyrics. Listen to the songs in your music library with synced lyrics.

//Search lyrics for any song you love
//Identify lyrics for music playing around you.
//Advanced features like Sleep timer, Equalizer
//Cast music and lyrics to your TV with Chromecast,
//Android Wear and Android TV support


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