Internet of things: Top 7 Best IoT gadgets which will make great impact.

What is the Internet Things IOT?

The Internet of Things IoT is the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. In simple words Internet of things (IoT) is a computing concept in which physical objects will be connected to the Internet and be able to identify themselves to other devices. The internet of things (IoT) is substantial it deals with the object that can represent itself digitally. Internet of things is difficult to describe in the single definition.

Best Internet of things IOT gadgets

1. Microbot Push Robot Finger

Microbot Push Robot Finger iot

Microbot Push is one of the product of Internet of things type. Microbot Push, a wireless robotic finger that makes ‘ dumb’ into ‘smart’. The Microbot Push button is the creation of Korean startup Naran. Each Push connects to an internet via low energy Bluetooth and from there can be accessed online and controlled via app. It has battery that can lasts upto 6 months. It can be attached to anything and can be wirelessly commanded to push a button.  Users can give an instructions to their robotic fingers based on sensor data. It’s a another way to convert physical things to digital arena.

2. Lively  – a personal emergency response

Lively iot

Lively can be a best for those who loves independent lifestyle and for older adults too. Lively is a system that is composed of activity sensor placed on objects around the home that monitors the daily activity of an individual living alone.
Lively system is easy to set up and does not require any internet connection or phone line to use. It is connected home health platform with cloud based ‘activity sharing’ of data, it gives others- such as a doctor or relatives or relatives – an insight into a potentially vulnerable persons behaviour.It also includes a 24/7 emergency rsponse button.

3. Mimo baby monitor

 Mimo baby monitor iot

The mimo baby monitor is a body suit that monitors a baby’s temperature, motion and breathing patterns. Sensors use Bluetooth to relay this data to a base station, which then transmits it to the internet and analysed by the software’s.
Using this parents can get data via an app on how the baby is breathing, activity level and all data with alerts and nightly reports.

4. Noke Bluetooth keyless padlock

Noke Bluetooth keyless padlock iot

Noke Bluetooth Padlock is the another amazing type of IoT. Noke is programmed via an app, the lock can be opened by just tap on a phone. It is working with Android, iOS Or Windows devices which are running on Bluetooth 4.0. Its CR2032 battery can lasts upto a year and uses 128 bit encryption. Can be used in commercial lock ups, warehouses. It converts physical work into digital.

5. Shockbox helmet sensor

Shockbox helmet sensor iot

In America NFL is turning new technology to prevent the accidents.
“Shockbox is a small, flexible sensor that fits inside of a sports helmet and monitors the history of head impacts athletes sustain,” says Curran. “Shockbox sensors communicate using Bluetooth to immediately alert parents, coaches, and trainers in the event of a concussion-level impact.”

6. mySkin OKU skin coach

mySkin OKU skin coach iot

If you really want a tech concept to go global, make it cure ageing. OKU doesn’t quite promise that, but this first-ever ‘personal skin coach’ is aimed at people who want to know about their skin. The cube measures skin moisture, oiliness, texture, wrinkles, elasticity and pigmentation, does a quick cloud-based analysis, and then produces a skin-score. Cue graphs, graphics and suggestions for lifestyle and diet changes. It’s on sale now (though currently only for iOS devices) and comes with both a docking station and a carrying case.

7. Angee Home Security system

Angee Home Security system iot

Currently on Kickstarter, Angee is billed as the first autonomous security system. Uniquely voice-controlled and using voice recognition to clock you coming through the front door, Angee is a one-piece, 5.5-inch cylindrical gadget that can swivel through 360 degrees, so the user can see the whole room on a smartphone feed. It will also swivel to video intruders after detecting motion, and send you videos (in 1080p, 30fps quality, no less), audio messages and alerts. The unit itself can only store an hour’s worth of video, but 1GB of free cloud storage is also included. It’s expected to become available in October 2016.


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