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Best Productivity Apps for Android, iOS

There are lots of apps in the play stores for work purpose use. But to work seamlessly you need to be more productive with your work as well as apps. Here we have recommend you a lists of best productivity apps for android will help you do work more faster whether you are busy or not.

••Best Contacts/messaging app : Drupe Contacts and dialer

Drupe Contacts and dialer app

Drupe does a great job of putting content of different messaging apps in one intelligent interface. The Android only app is contacts driven, so all you need to do is swipe the contact you want to communication icon and you can get the conversation started. These icons cover calling, texting, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Skype, Tango, Hangout, email, calendar, Twitter, Instagram, Viber and more. You can launch drupe from your lock screen as well. It will change the way you start conversations.

Available on : Android ( Click to Download )

••Best file manager : Total Commandar

Total Commandar app

Total Commandar is the fancier file manager in the store, it’s Android version of the desktop file manager is a true power-tool. It gives you a simple and powerful interface to alter, copy, move and delete the files as you like. It supports Zip files and have a inbuilt text editor in it. With plug-ins you can add support fit USB drivers, FTP and also LAN access. And the best part is it doesn’t have ads.

Available on : Android ( Click to Download )


••Best keyboard: Flekshy + GIF

Fleshky+gif app

Though Google’s keyboard is quite good and its been keeping updating, the Flekshy is a lot more intuitive, especially if you are using a phablet. The bigger keys, intelligent autocorrect, ability to customize the keyboard and adapt to your typing habits gives it an edge over the competition. The stickers and animated memes are just an added bonus.

Available on : Android ( Click to Download )


••Best Calendar: Sunrise Calendar

sunrise calender app

The sunrise Calendar app connects flawlessly to your Google Calendar, work calendar and social media accounts to make the most comprehensive schedule for you. It’s light and intuitive interface and Android widget is a popular among many of us too.

Available on : Android | iOS | Windows ( Click to Download )


••Best Office Suite: Microsoft Office

office productivity

Google had grown info becoming our cloud-based office suites of choice over the years, but Microsoft has been hard at reclaiming that position in mobile. If you have an Office 365 account, there are no better word processor for smartphones, spreadsheet and presentation apps out there than Word, Excel and Power Point. Ofcourse it is a free only for basic editing and will offer you and advance features only if you have an Office 365 subscription.

Available on :  Click to Download )


••Best email : Outlook

outlook productivity app

It may sound like we are big fans of Microsoft, they do have something great products. Outlook will be the email manager of choice especially if you are using it for work. You can try number of options with Exchange and Office 365 email addresses but nothing will come close to the overall stability and features that Outlook offers.

Available on : Android | iOS | Windows( Click to Download )


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