Best tips How to choose your next smartphone for best productivity.

How to my choose next smartphone for best productivity  

How to choose best smartphone?

It is always an exciting moment for anyone to go for new smartphone. But when you walk into the shop it’s been always an dizzy feeling because of large number of choices for your next smartphone and it becomes very confusing thing for you to get best of them.
If you are looking for new smartphone and confused about which should be bought then these tips can really help you to get best next smartphone for you. Here we have considered all the necessary things while for buying next smartphone.

Operating System (OS) : Android vs iOS vs Windows

Operating System (OS)

Operating System is the crucial factor for many and can be a complete irrelevance for those who loves single OS from one of them. OS is something that will give you a long experience weather it good or not, you can not switch it except you change your device having other OS. It is important to choose best OS for your device, because that will give you best usability and productivity.


Android OS is traditionally considered as the best OS for customising and large number of availability of apps in the play store. Android OS is the world’s most used OS. It has many options to customize like the home screen layouts, keyboards and even the third party launcher’s that gives you a complete different experience from the in build Android OS provided by manufacturer. As there are lot’s of developer are there so you can even install custom ROM to your device. So you can go with Android OS if you want more customization.


iOS can be said the expensive OS, it’s all devices are quite expensive and the people having mid range budget ignore it. But this OS is most stable and secure OS. There are not much customising options like Android OS have. Apple has now introduced new 3D touch with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus which makes it more multi task able OS. You can go with iOS if you want more stable and secure OS having a good budget.


Windows OS, quite different OS. But best with Microsoft’s apps, people still thinks that it is the complicated OS, but in reality now that much. Windows OS is been improving it market place since it has come with Windows 8.1. The latest Windows 10 is been very promising and best to go but still lags behind by apps. But it is best with Microsoft’s apps. Well if you want to switch new OS then Windows 10 is the best option to go.

Screen Size and Resolution

Screen Size and Resolution

After the OS the important factor comes is Screen Size & Resolution.
Well the trend has gone of smaller screen size smartphone, it’s always best option to go with device having at least 5.5-inch. The bigger size will help you to do your most of work on your device and 5.5-inches devices are compact and easy to carry and use.

Only bigger screen size doesn’t help to get best, but you should also look at Resolution of your smartphone.Resolution is listed in pixels and indicates the number of pixels packed into the display: a smaller screen size may well have a higher resolution, which means pixels will look sharper. Look for the pixels-per-inch (PPI) specification – the higher the better, but most modern smartphones have resolutions that are perfectly acceptable, so this isn’t a dealbreaker.

With Resolution and screen size the thing which make your smartphone more beautiful is Display. The most popular displays are AMOLED & IPS LCD display. AMOLED tends to offer brighter colours and IPS LCD displays are typically sharper and cheaper to produce. There’s not much between them but you can keep it in mind.

Specifications of Smartphone

After Screen Size & Resolution, Specification comes to thing about. A Internal Storage, you always choose atleast 16 GB of internal storage because many apps uses the device memory for storing the data and even the app you can’t move to external SD card so better you choose extra internal memory.Processor and RAM are the factor responsible for performance of your device, your device RAM should be at least 2GB so that you can have more memory for backgrounds running apps.The quality of the camera is of course crucial for a lot of us: the megapixel rating tells you how big the resulting pictures are going to be, but there are so many factors affecting the image quality, and so many proprietary technologies in use, that you’re probably best just checking online reviews and sample shots to work out the winners in this department.

Then there’s battery life. Battery capacity is usually shown in mAh or milliampere-hours – a larger figure means a bigger battery – but again there are so many other factors involved, from the size of the screen (a large display uses up more energy) to the efficiency of the circuitry inside the phone, and this can vary significantly between manufacturers.

User Interface (UI) in Smartphone

User interface is not considered as a important factor, but it is the thing which will give you better experience and will make you feel good to use so to have best UI can make your device more attractive while using. So you can see it on below link,


The others things you can look is Sensors used in device. Your device at least Gyroscopic, Light Sensor, Accelerometer. Accelerometer works for orientation of screen of your device. For to know more other sensors you can refer below link.
Types of sensors used in smartphones
  At the end it’s all depends on your budget but you can find best by considering these things.


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