New Earin Wireless Bluetooth earphone its really impressive.

Earin Wireless Bluetooth headphone. The kick starter campaign have bring some new in Bluetooth earphone’s into production. The wireless Bluetooth headphone named as a Earin.

Well there are many wireless earphone’s are available in the market. But the Earins headphone is a different from all that because of its World’s smallest claim and that too are wireless.

Earin Wireless Bluetooth headphone
So we try to give you a in depth review about all new Earin wireless Bluetooth headphone.
The very first thing when everyone buys the Looks always comes into picture. So let you know first about Look.

Stylish Look
Stylish Look

It has quality look and feel stylish when you have. The wireless buds are cool. The charging capsule is also quite good in look. The Earin wireless earphone fits well in your ear and looks cool. There is Earin mark logo in back side of the earphone which looks classy. Overall it has very impressive look and designed very well for compatible with any one.


In a packed box you will get one Charging capsule, one USB cable for charging the earphone, Two pairs of earphone tips are provided with consumer version and pair of ear stabilizers. The two earins are 14.5 mm in diameter with 20 mm long length (0.57 x 0.78 In). The earin earphones are water resistant while the charging capsule is not.


The Earin earphone connects the music player by using Bluetooth 4.0 technology with A2DP profile. They also have aptX codec support to give you a high quality sound streaming. Pairing is straight forward, just simply you need to find Earin L in the Bluetooth availability screen and tap on it to connect. The Left Earin is in a measure role to receive the signal from device that is connected. Left Earin is synchronized with Right Earin earphone over a secure and without interference wireless connection.

Well there is no micro phone in both Earin earphone, so when there is call in a connected device you will have to remove. When you will get a call the music automatically will get stopped and ringtone will ring in your Earin earphones and as soon as you pick up the call it will get stopped. The time when your call gets over the music will automatically resume which is good feature. The Earin earphones are automated featured.


Well, when yoy talk about earphones the sound quality is always the main factor. Since it uses Bluetooth connectivity, it won’t give best sound quality. But tye MP3s & AAC files provides quite high quality sound. In fact it gives overall sound quality Good and impressive clearity with clear instruments and good stereo imaging.

While tue company has stated that the sound signatures are designed for natural reproduction of audio sound. The beats lovers may not find full satisfaction but overall performance is quite good and impressive.


As stated both earins can stay upto 2 hours, when they are at 15% battery left they sounds little tone to make sure you that charge is down. When both earij are placed in capsule they goes in mono mode. Theybare placed are in charging capsule when not in a use to get charged and to keep it safe.
Charge time of an empty capsule’s battery using either a standard 5 V/1 A USB charging adapter or a free USB port on a laptop proved to be consistently between 70 and 80 minutes.

There is an Earin app for iOS/Android shows the battery status of each Earin unit, allows users to adjust the left/right balance and boost the bass. The app stays on active mode even when earphones are not in an used so while not listening always keep in mind to disable both app and Bluetooth too, to save battery life of your device.

Final Words

The Earin project aimed to create small, stylish, completely cable-free Bluetooth earphones with a focus on sound quality. The build quality is an imoressive. Overall it has good look and looks decent when you listen the music. The app has also goof user control features and the battery life is good according to size of the product. It yet to launched in many countries.

The best buy in US is about $250.

Earin Wireless Bluetooth headphone
Earin Wireless Bluetooth headphone

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