These upcoming latest technology marvels will change future

Latest technology marvels and gadgets have become a part of our every day life. Since past 5,6 years the technology trends is been increasing widely and making our lifestyle easy and fast. At present many of things are seen in movies are becoming realities. So here are five of most awaited technology that can change world’s life style.

5 Upcoming latest technology marvels will change the future

Google’s Driverless Cars
Google's Driverless Cars latest technology

Imagine you, yourself and everyone could get around easily and safety with car but without knowing how to drive. Google Driver-less car can give this amazing experience.

How Google driver less car works?

Google driver less car is designed for safely navigate through the city streets. Google Driver less car have sensors to detect the objects about distance of two football ground long away in all directions including pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles and even the rogue birds and fluttering plastics bags. The designed software for this car detects all this distractions via sensors and help the car to drive without crashing.

This car can make its way in the market by 2018-20, if this project can make the way we see it, this can be a miracle for those who don’t know how to drive and even it can make much easy life for blind people.

Sixth Sense – Pranav Mistry

Sixth Sense latest technology

Imagine a life in which you just command your computer by just gestures just like in movies where the display of the computer is displayed on the walls and commanded by gestures. Sixth sense was introduced by Pranav Mistry in 2009. He had introduced this in his TED Talks. You can see it YouTube. He had impressed everyone with his amazing innovative idea.

What is Sixth Sense?

Sixth sense is the wearable gestural interface (don’t confuse it with fitness band ) that enhances physical world with digital information by just hand gestures. The 6th sense technology is a blend of many exquisite technologies. It associates technologies like Hand gestures, image capturing, processing, manipulation etc. The 6th sense technology is all about interact physical world with digital world.

It comprises of a camera, a projector, a mobile cum computing device and colored sensors which are put on the fingers of a human being. The device efficiently senses the motion of the colored markers. Using them it provides us the freedom of directly interacting with the digital world. This technology enables people to interact in the digital world as if they are interacting in the real world. This sixth sense technology provides us with the freedom of interacting with the digital world with hand gestures. This technology has a wide application in the field of artificial intelligence.

Lenovo Smart Cast Smartphone

 Lenovo Smart CastSmartphone latest technology

Lenovo has introduced a great concept around quite some time now, this can be a hugely game changer in the competitive smartphone market with it’s SmartCast Smartphone.

SmartCast Smartphone will be the world’s first laser projection smartphone. This device is capable of converting any wall or surface into a screen by using it’s inbuilt projector. The more interesting thing about this is that with SmartCast you can also turn any flat surface such as your tabeltop or shelf into an interactive touch screen. It is assumed that this device will make its way to market in 3rd or 4th quarter of the 2016.

LiFi technology

LiFi technology latest technology

LiFi technology, you would surely have heard about this in last few days.LiFi can make your internet speed 100 times faster than your WiFi speed.

What is LiFi technology?

Li-Fi was invented by Harold Hass of Edinburgh University in Scotland, 2011. LiFi technology is the light based communication technology which uses light waves instead of radio wave to deliver data. Using the visible light spectrum LiFi technology can transmit data and having a capacity 10,000 time greater that that available within the radio spectrum.

This technology has been trailed by Estonian start-up Velmenni in offices and some other industrial settings in Tallinn. Here they were able to get speed around 1 Gigabits/second. If they can overcome its drawback as early as then we can experience this technology in coming next 2,3 years.

Google Glass 2

Google Glass 2 latest technology

Google have already introduced Google glass technology but that has not put much impact but according to sum rumours Google is all about launch it’s Google glass 2 which is amazing.

You might have thought that Google glass had not worked but the upcoming Google glass has lot to do. This time “the glass” has a daily-glasses look. It is thinner, lighter, smarter. When compared with the first version, Google Glass 2.0 is a versatile device that supports add-ons. It also has new design. Still, if you expect a fancy device, you are wrong. With Google Glass 2.0, function prevails over form. It is much better than previous one and has great productivity.
It is expected to make it way in market at mid of 2016.

Google Glass 2 latest technology


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