5 best top rated power bank under 1000Rs/20$ 2016

Now a days Smartphones are most essential for you. People are more dependent on their smartphone but many of you would be facing the battery issues. The main reason for this problem is you use or smartphone usually for calling, texting, playing games, watching high quality videos and movies and many other ¬†stuffs too. As manufacturer companies don’t provide more battery and it is difficult to recharge your smartphone when you are out for some work or handouts whatever, So it is better to have other way to charge your device ie best power bank. Best power bank under 1000.

5 best Power bank under 1000 you can buy right now

UTH ROMROSS (10,000 mAh)

UTH romross best power bank

UTH romross power bank designed to boost the performance of your smartphone battery. It 4 LED lights of indicator for power level. It has dual output port for charging simultaneously two devices. It has 10,000 mAh battery life.

Best buy :- $16

AMBRANE P-1310 (13,000 mAh)

Ambrane best power bank

Ambrane p-1310 power bank is compact in a size, but these feature doesn’t make it different as power banks usually comes in compact size. It has dual output port for charging simultaneously two devices. It has LED indicator for indicating the charge level and also comes with torch. It has Li-ion battery (13,000 mAh).

Best buy :- $ 14.75

NOKIA DC-16 (2200mAh)

Nokia dc16 best power bank

Nokia DC-16 power bank is quite sleek in design and feels light in a weight so you can carry in the pocket. It has Li-ion 2200mAh battery with single output port. It has LED indicator for indicating the charging level in your power bank. It has fast charging feature and available in Black, Blue, Pink, White.

Best buy :- $ 21.50


POWER ACE (10400mAh)

Power ace best power bank

Power Ace PRP10400 power bank is smaller square in a size. It has dual output so that you can charge two devices simultaneously. It has LED to show power level with torch too. The main feature is that it is compatible with iPhone.

Best buy :- $ 13


DGB HALFLINGER best power bank

DGB HALFLINGER has quite medium size and in a look. It has Li-ion 11,000 mAh battery with LED power indicator and LED torch. It has dual output for charging two devices simultaneously and available in White, Grey color.

Best buy :- $ 12


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