7 best features in laptop will make it perfect

Well, 2015 was one of the most exciting year in the technology world and the 2016 promises that it can be a more exciting then ever as technology growing at the speed of light. Hence with latest technology you should have latest features too.If you’re thinking to buy a new laptop, whether it could be for consumer model or a business one, make sure that it has features suggested here. They can be applied to any type of laptops, whether you’re looking for a business model, a gaming laptop, an ultrabook, a 2-in-1 convertible or a generic notebook.  Here are the features in laptop that you should consider while buying new.

Here are the features in laptop that you should consider while buying new.

Full HD Screen


Full HD screen laptop

You might be thinking that 1920 x 1080 is the standard resolution for your laptop and it is becoming more standard in smartphones too. But having lower resolution than full HD doesn’t make sense for best results. You might be thinking that it’s time to have QHD, QHD+ and 4K but it doesn’t brings much comfort or perfection to pictures, all you can get more is sharper icons and sharper fonts than full HD and that also makes impact on your battery life too. Full HD screen resolution is the best option to choose.

USB 3.1 Type C

USB type C

USB type 3.1 is the ideal for smartphones and tablets, plus it can charge your laptop and transmit data at breakneck speed.
Even it can offer up to 10Gbps (Gen 2) with better power efficiency and you have a rather enticing offering. You can envision a world where Type C connectors replace every single existing one including the power adaptor.


Hello Windows 10

Windows 10 is the best operating system for your laptop to have great user interface and productive. Windows 10 has feature called Hello, it is the best for your security of laptop. The Hello feature in Windows 10 allows you to set your face as a password of your laptop. If you are got bored with typing long password then this feature is the best for you to have. To have Hello feature in Windows 10 you will need special camera, right now only offered by an Intel.

Dual channel memory

Dual memory RAM

Dual Channel memory can extract your performance of laptop upto 10%. Dual channel memory means having a laptop that has two memory slots that have memory modules of equal capacity and the processor that supports dual channel memory. In other words, choosing either 8GB (2x4GB) or 16GB (2x8GB) laptops. 16GB laptop modules are too expensive at the moment and 2GB ones are simply too small in capacity. Having laptops that do not have soldered memory modules also means that you will be able to upgrade to 32GB RAM in the future.

Hot swappable batteries


Hot swappable batteries

Hot swappable batteries can help you to get rid of battery life problem.The last laptop with hot swappable batteries was the T450S from Lenovo. Having such batteries allows you to replace a battery, if your battery running with less power, which is great if you’re on a long trip and have some urgent work to do. But the thing is that lot of laptops (Ultrabooks and thin-and-light models) now come with non-removable batteries and external battery packs which reduce the appeal of “hot-swappability”. However, the lure of being able to work for two or three days without any downtime or having to look around for a power socket nearby is clearly enticing.

Smaller screen & Frame size

Smaller screen size

Dell caused a mini revolution by unveiling one laptop that had an impossibly thin bezel. The XPS 13’s feat has yet to be replicated by other manufacturers but it may well pave the way for a few more models. Smaller form factors, something made popular by Apple’s 2008 MacBook Air, are here to stay and could explain the success of Chromebooks and Cloudbooks. A small screen (13.3-inch and below) with a thin bezel (less than 10mm) represents an ideal balance, boosting the screen sharpness (as measured in DPI) at equal resolutions, compared to bigger models.

Mini Display Port

Mini display port

You may sometimes need to work on bigger screen size or present your ideas in front of more people or wanted to work on external 4K monitor you need DisplayLink connector. It is also becoming popular with businesses where a single one can replace at least four 1080p monitors. This is one of the reasons why 4K monitors make sense for businesses of all sizes. And price of 4K monitors also falling so it can be afforded.


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