Top 6 Windows 10 apps in windows store will increase your productivity.

Since the Windows 10 released by Microsoft the day by day people are upgrading to Windows 10 so the users increasing. It is also seen that Windows 10 is more productive than previous Windows 8.1.
As Microsoft has integrated Windows store from Windows 8 which means you can install the apps also in your pc. Windows 10 also have Windows store, but all you need to have best apps in your PC or laptop. Here are some best apps for Windows 10 that will take your productivity to the next level whether you are on Microsoft Surface Pro or PC or Laptop.


One note windows 10

OneNote is your digital notebook for capturing and organizing everything across your devices. You can use your device’s pen or your finger to write and draw with multiple types of pens and highlighters. You can quickly take a note and can send websites, recipes, documents, and more to OneNote using the Share Charm, Microsoft Edge, Clipper, Office Lens, and dozens of other apps and services. And many other things you can do with OneNote.


Trello windows 10

Trello is the one of the best for projects management tool in business. You can create boards to organise the things you are working on. You can also compile ideas and lists on individual boards for corresponding tasks, and add content including photos, videos, audio recordings, and comments for each project. You can also share your project once it is completed.

Splashtop Business

Splashtop app windows 10

Splashtop Business is the easiest and fastest way to remotely access and support Mac or Windows PC from your Windows computer or tablet. You can enable your team  to access to their computer remotely. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to access the documents, media, and software stored on your workplace PC or Mac computer.


Taskify windows 10

Taskify is the best for those who have busy schedule. Taskify gives you smoother experience for creating to-do lists and then checking off things when they’re done. You can even make lists for work tasks and personal responsibilities, add notes for each one, and set reminders for due dates that are very much important for you.

Poki for Pocket

poki for pocket windows 10

Poki do pocket is one of the best productive app. You can save anything in the pocket. Whenever you come across any articles, videos,pictures or websites whatever and you wants to read or see it later on, you no need to copy bookmark or files, just copy to poki for pocket. When you’re offline, you can use Poki to favorite, archive, add, and delete items.

Team Viewer

Team viewer windows 10

You might be knowing this app as over 200 millions people are using. This is the incredible app to access remotely others computers. You can even use your desktop in your device too. You need to download the apps in both platform and link each other which is quite simple. It uses secure network so no need to worry about that.

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