Best Simple tip to hide unwanted apps in iPhone.

iPhone comes with a number of apps that are stuck on the phone, and can’t be deleted like others. While some are key to the phone like the Phone app itself others like Stocks are less well-regarded. So you some time feel irritated with them, if you want to hide then this tip can help you to hide unwanted apps in iPhone.

Hide iPhone Apps

Here are steps what you need to do :

••The first step is quite easy and would be known to every iPhone user that is merging apps in a folder. It doesn’t matter which. (It’s likely that it’ll already be hidden in one  if it is, you can just leave it there.).

••Now the second is head the apps which you want to hide into the folder, and press on hold on the app so that you can enter “jiggle mode” and move it around.

••Now pick up one app and drag it to next page folder which will be probably empty, drop the app to there. Now again pick up that same app and again drag it to next page and drop it there.

••When it is done, you might be in a third page. Now get hold of the app, drag it to right and keep hold of it -> then tap the home button at the same time and you are done the app should hide except you have perform properly.

If you didn’t understood you get see the video :

••You can find the removed app, you will see in the search.
Since this trick doesn’t removes the app permanently -> you will see it again when you restart your iPhone. And the memory storage will be used by these apps.

This is very simple trick and doesn’t harm your device and you don’t need to download the other things and app. Just need to do some simple steps.


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