How to download complete Facebook photos albums #Best Tips

Facebook is the world’s largest social messaging network on which you share your views, status, uploads pictures and do chatting and many others things. The trend is of clicking pictures and taking the selfies, you upload them in many social networking sites and the Facebook might be the most common social messaging site where you upload the pictures.

The may have seen in your Facebook profile that when you randomly uploads the pictures like one or two they are automatically gets saved to their automated albums like if you upload via mobile then the pictures will be saved to mobile uploads and if via computer then to Timeline photos and many others albums. Many of you won’t be having the albums like generated in automated Facebook albums in which you will be having all randomly best pictures of your that you have uploaded. So if you want to get these albums you can download it.

Download Facebook album

Here are the simple steps to be followed for downloading. It is very simple and not any trick, it is one of the feature of Facebook. You may be knowing this if not then this is for you.

  • Very first you need to Log in your Facebook account.
  • Then go to your Photos tab.
  • In Photos tab you will see all albums of yours. Click on any of them which you want to download.
  • Once you open the album just click on Settings icon at extreme right.
  • Now click on Download Album, the Facebook will prepare your album for download, once all is done you will get notification that your album is ready to download.
  • Click on notification and your album will be downloaded in a zip file format.

Wasn’t that easy? Yes it was. Hope you liked.
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