How to protect your personal secure information over internet

Stay safe from hacking

In today’s digital world everything is becoming digital with online facility. But it’s reliability is somewhere get stick because of cyber crime, online hackers and it is still enmeshed issue that is whole world facing. So it is essential for everyone who are more dependent upon like online sharing, transactions etc to know how to keep yourself safe online.

SSL Security
SSL security

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer.  SSL is the standard security technology that allows information such as login credentials, credit card number, social security numbers etc to transmit very securely. While making payments or logging to personal data or whatever that needs security on web make sure that you are using SSL certified website. SSL certified site will have extension of https//..or will have green in color for http//.. with lock sign.
Or while making payments make sure that the site have following badges

Free Wi-Fi

It’s human nature that anything we get in free of cost, we always think to get that. Same things can be applied to Free Wi-Fi. If you are using it for receiving latest updates, msgs, downloading etc then it is ok but don’t ever make transaction or sharing personal documents or whatever that needs security over free Wi-Fi.

Finance Security & Profile Privacy

Security and privacy

You should keep your finance information secure and personal, never share it with anyone. Always try to e-wallets payments which will help you to avoid theft of your personal information. Even you can get more discounts in e-wallets payments. While in social sites always keep your privacy, make privacy of your posts private not in public. Even try to hide your username too.

Anti virus & firewall 

Anti virus

Well you might be knowing about Anti virus. You should have in your PC to protect your PC from malicious websites and viruses. Always keep your softwares, anti virus keep updated and keep enable web security to protect from harm website. If you don’t have updated anti virus then you won’t get notification about harmful websites or files. Avast is one of best Anti virus you can have.


As name suggests password means you should have strong password but many time people ignores. You should use upper case, signs and numbers in your password. So always keep your password strong.

In today’s advanced digital world the security is most important thing you should have. Always activate alerts of logging credential. So that you can know if someone trys to get your data. Never save your account information in your device.
So all you need to stay updated about your personal data, logging detail.


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