What Sanmay Ved did to get paid $6006.13 from Google ?

  • January 31, 2016
  • News

Google has revealed about its domain ‘www.google.com’, how much Google company paid to a Sanmay Ved who was former Googler.

It was 29th September 2015 day on which he suddenly saw the ‘www.google.com’ domain in the list of available domains to buy. Sanmay Ved have written in its Linked in post that 
   ‘‘ When I saw that the domain is available to buy, at that time I thought there would be an error. Even though while making transaction I was hoping that it would get an error in the process of transaction but I was able to make payment and it was actually charged. I got believe when I received the confirmation of my order and to become an owner of ‘www.google.com’.”

google domain

Ved worked for 5-1/2 years at Google, according to his LinkedIn page, He is now an MBA student at Babson College in suburban Boston. His ownership was recorded for only a minute, he did not even access to its inner working, Google quickly realised its error and immediately refunded the amount.

After this incident google has contacted to Sanmay Ved and offered him $6006.13 which is a numerical version of the word Google. A time when google wondered Sanmay Ved  didn’t intend to keep the money but instead donate it to charity, the company doubled the reward. Ved, who is from India, directed that the money be given to the Art of Living India Foundation. The group runs free schools in parts of that country where poverty and child labor are widespread.


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