Android Developer option in your Android Smartphone what you can do?

Many of you might not have thought of the Developer Option in your Android smartphone except you are developer and many of you may have thought that this is unwanted thing but here we’ll tell you some hidden trick that may help you many times. Before that all you need to activate this Android Developer Option or in other words you need to turn ON. To activate Go to Setting then About > Tap on About till it shows you ‘You are now a Developer’. So now you have successfully turned on the option. Now what you can do with the help of Android Developer option in your Android Smartphone ?

Android Developer option

Backup in PC 

One of the best feature that you can have in your device is the Backup. You can take a full backup of your Android device including apps, media, etc. to a PC via the standard USB cable. You can protect this backup on your computer with a password that you can set right within the option.

Evaluate GPU performance

This feature will allow you to see how you GPU working like GPU rendering, Hardware layers, GPU updates and the whole performance of the GPU of your Android smartphone. Once you enable it you will see the response on the display in the form of flashes and anti aliasing to adjust the image quality.
Profile GPU rendering will display the performance and working of the GPU in the form of a live graph on the display.

Show Touch Features

By activating the Show touches feature, you can see the specific points wherever you finger touches the display. Wherever you touch this feature will give you a coordinates of that point on the top of the display of your smartphone.

USB Debugging

USB debugging allows your Android smartphone to set a connection over the USB port and computer. You can transfer media files from your computer to your phone and vice-versa. Besides, this feature is used by developers to code the applications using Android SDK on a computer and to find bug of any application to report the developer.

Running Services

This feature will display all the running process on your smartphone in-detail. You can track the applications that are active in background with the details of the memory they are consuming and the time of their activation via a small clock besides the applications.

Stay Awake

Stay awake will not let your display go to sleep mode while charging that will help you to see all the notifications of your smartphone without pressing any key.


Wireless display certification feature help you to stream the YouTube videos from you smartphone to the big screens. Wi-Fi logging, Wi-Fi to Cellular handover, Wi-Fi roam scams, deals with Wi-Fi functionality and are not much required in normal day-to-day usage.


Disable USB audio routing is one of the best features in your Android smartphones, which is quite handy for music creators. By enabling this feature, you can use your USB DAC  with your Android phones and tablets.


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