These Digital photography tools changed the way of photography

Before 10-5 years you might have seen days like, you take a picture from clunky digital cameras and then you see in laptop. And if you want to get that picture you don’t get that pictures unless you connect the memory card to laptop. But in recent few years the technology has imbued the digital cameras and become the most popular tech gadget. The photography has become revenue platform for some professional photographer. Addition of some best Digital photography tools like WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth in digital cameras made them more productive and interesting.

Digital photography tools that changed way of photography and made it more interesting.

Digital photography tools

Fast Transfer

Digital photography tool
Snapping a photos can be a your passion or work but sharing them is a very laborious job as the size of them is large and it takes time to transfer and it’s even more laborious when you need to email them to your friends or share them to social networking.
To get rid of this problem manufactures have added the WiFi that means WiFi cam. The Canon 750D have WiFi that means if your camera is in the range of your WiFi network then it will automatically straight a way transfer the pictures to your laptop.

Nikon’s new D500 also features Bluetooth that can share an (admittedly lower-quality) version of your snaps with your smartphone instantly, if you are out of range of Wi-Fi, so you can post it online using your phone’s data connection.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera running on the Android OS, and featured 3G and 4G, giving you Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat at your fingertips.

Remote Shutter 

Remote shutter Digital photography tool

It is one of the feature that has created more creativity in photography. Cameras like Nikon’s D5500 DSLR and its COOLPIX can be used with your smartphone as a Remote to snap a pictures. These cameras uses a WiFi connection to connect both device.

It’s especially helpful when you don’t want to get too close to the action but still need cracking shots like in wildlife photography you can take amazing pictures of animals without disturbing them.
As selfies are most trending now a days, it also helpful for taking selfies by setting your camera and giving the pose and shutter it. It is incredible feature that every professional photographer can have.

Live Action

Action camera Digital photography tool

Action cameras are more attractive to extreme sports lover. Action camera gives you a real time view of what you have seeing. You can take the footage of that action which without action camera you wouldn’t have taken. Sony HDR-AS100V & Android-based Sioeye’s Iris4G are cameras that offers you take live footage and have features of automatic uploading the footage to social site like Facebook, Instagram etc.

The benefits are there for both those using the cameras – sharing their live footage with friends, family – and for sports fans, who now can enjoy the prospect of riding along in real-time with their favourite skier, snowboarder, or skater.


Drone Digital photography tool

Drones are becoming popular from last few years. They become very helpful for taking the overview of any location or an any event. They are based on remote control technology, so can guided according to the motion of the picture or live footage. The drone is amazing the robust, follow me features is perfect for capturing the action shot from distance.


3D Carl Zeiss Lens Digital photography tool

With the more various connectivity features, the lenses also plays a very important role in the photography. There are various types of lenses there in market like Macro lens, Wide lens  any many others as per the requirements which makes pictures more elegant and beautiful.


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