5 best Launchers for android best user interface in your smartphone

Z android launcher

Android provides a great flexibility to customize the interface of your Android device. If you have got bored from your in built interface provided by your manufacturer brand. The very easy way to customize interface is by installing launchers in your Android. So here are some best Launchers for Android Smartphone that will completely change your boring interface.

Best launchers for Android for best user interface

Z Launcher 
Z Launcher best launchers for android

Z launcher developed  by Nokia and it is still in its beta testing phase. Z launcher has a some unique feature that allows you to scribble a letter on the home screen and the all apps and contacts containing that letter will be displayed on the home screen of your Android smartphone. Also, launcher displays six of your most frequently used apps.

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Arrow Launcher
Arrow Launcher best launchers for android

Arrow Launcher developed by Microsoft and it’s interface is quite similar to the Apple iPhone. The main advantage of this launcher to have is it displays the settings menu in just swiping up. The other three pages are people, recents and widgets screens. They’re all updated periodically, depending on how you interact with the phone.

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Nova Launchers
 Nova Launchers best launchers for android

Nova Launcher is the one of the top rated and most popular launcher in Android Play Store. It is mostly used by user who wants more productivity, standard stock like user interface in their smartphone, security and all. Nova launcher has lot’s of customisation settings like, you can remove the app dock, choose animation style of pages and even theme it to your liking.

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Go Launcher Z
best launchers for android

Go Launcher Z is an extremely customisable launcher for Android phones and offers more than 10,000 themes and it is a stylish, smart, slim & personalizedThis launcher brings features like hide and lock apps, memory cleaner and app management to the table.

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Buzz Launcher
Buzz Launcher best launchers for android

Buzz Launcher is a highly customisable launcher. You can create your own theme and can share it. It comprises of pre-configured themes called ‘Homepacks’. Each homepack is unique as instead of downloading a set of icons packs, fonts, wallpapers and widgets, and customizing it, all you have to do is choose one homepack. There are more than 800,000+ themes at present.

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