Best tips to increase battery life performance of Windows 10 mobile #BestTips

Well, Windows phone users have waited, waited and finally got the Windows 10 mobile upgrade for there windows phone. Microsoft has released Windows 10 mobile for only those windows phone which are having good software & hardware performance. Some of the Windows phone users have faced the battery draining problem after the Windows 10 upgrade. Microsoft have suggested them to do once hard reset after the upgrade because the Windows 10 mobile is biggest upgrade ever in Windows phone history and this upgrade has brought many functionality and improvement to Windows phone user.
So if you are still facing battery draining problem in your windows 10 mobile then try these best tips to increase battery life  of Windows phone 10.

Best tips to increase battery life of Windows 10 mobile

increase battery life performance

Disable Cortana:

You might have shocked after the title but yes if you are not regular user of Cortana then make sure that the Cortana is on disable mode. Because lots of users have reported that it consumes battery more and when it is turned off it helps in battery life.

So just Launch the Cortana App > Tap on hamburger menu on the left.
Now select Notebook > Settings > Disable Hey Cortana.

Battery Saver App:

Windows 10 mobile comes with in built battery saver app that automatically turns on when your phone’s battery reduces to 10%. You can simply increase that upto 30% or 40% as per your wish. This will help you more in saving the battery life and many users have also reported in forms.

To turn on, navigate to Settings > search for Battery saver.

windows 10 mobile battery saver

Reduce Background Apps:

The same battery saver app allows you to manage the background apps running in your windows phone. Navigate to change background app settings and turn off the necessary background apps that you don’t need to run in background.
Even you can manage the list for background app that can run in Battery saver mode. You just add the apps that you wants to run always in the Always allowed.
(Apps like Edge, Lock Screen, Store etc should be disabled from running in background.)

Manually Close the Apps:

Windows 10 mobile allows you to run more than 10 apps in background. So while performing the multi tasking, always keep in mind to manually close the background apps that you don’t need any more.

Reduce Data Speed to 3G or 2G from LTE:

The more powerful network you have, the more it drains the battery life. So always try to use 3G network or 2G. And always make sure that the Data connection is turned off when you don’t need it.

Navigate to Settings > Mobile & Sim


windows 10 mobile Battery life
  • Always keep WiFi is on manual mode rather than on some time interval.
  • Keep your Location turned off whenever you don’t need it.
  • Disable Glance if you don’t want.
  • Keep idle disable time to 1 mint.
  • Set brightness to Low and increase as per your need. The automatic adjust is best but many users have reported that it consumes the battery life more as it senses the external light and according to that adjusts the brightness.


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