10 best finance apps for android & iPhone to manage all the expenses

Now a days everybody is busy in there own life and some of you might have not have the time for yourselves to do other things. In such a very hectic schedule to manage all your expenses, organising the money specially in terms of tax can be a difficult task. So here we have listed the best finance apps that will help you to organise or manage the expenses and money.

Best finance apps for Android and iPhone users

1. Simple  (free)
Simple best finance apps

Simple offers you a awesome support with simplified budgeting tools, and most importantly, financial peace of mind. It has “Know what’s safe-to-spend, Save money everyday automatically, Transfer money instantly and many other features are available. It is free to download.
Get it here SimpleiOS / Android

2. Penny (free)
Penny best finance apps

Penny is the chat based finance app that connects to your accounts and sends you a helpful information about the activity done in your account. It has features like Tracking of your total and individual balances over time, Categorizes your transactions into simple buckets, automatically and it is a built with bank grade security.
Get it here Penny – iOS / Android

3. Square Cash (free)
Square Cash best finance apps

Square cash is one of the best app for money transferring. Once you add the details of your bank account like Visa card or credit card it instantly sends the money. It uses 128 bit encryption with finger print scanning for security.
Get it here Square Cash – iOS / Android

4. Sweep (free)
Sweep best finance apps

Sweep is the budgeting app that has a features like creating a custom buckets of Wedding,Taxes,  Home improvements, New car, Holiday shopping, Healthcare etc. It can monitor all your bank accounts and saved credit card with high bank graded security.
Get it here Sweep – iOS

5. Mint (free)
Mint best finance apps

Mint is also an budgeting app that connects to all your bank accounts, credit cards and monitors all the transactions that you do. You can also set bill remainder to pay it at a time. You can also set up financial goals such as saving up for a trip, paying off debt, or buying a car.  It uses 128 bit encryption that uses bank.
Get it here Mint – iOS / Android

6. Truebill (free)
Truebill best finance apps

Truebill is the web app that connects to your account and scans your online statements and identifies your subscriptions so you know who’s charging you every month. Unfortunately the app of truebill is not available but still you can use it on web because the site is very responsive to mobile. It is free to use.
Get it here Truebill – Web

7. Paribus (free)
Paribus best finance apps

Paribus is one of the best app for those who loves to do online shopping. It an item you buy online and after buying an item the price suddenly drops down it will notify you. Paribus monitors your purchases and helps you to get the money back.
Get it here Paribus – iOS

8. Robinhood (free)
Robinhood best finance apps

Robinhood is the best app for free stock trading. You can view market data in real-time, build a personalized watch list, and place trades with a few taps. It is simple and incredible to use.
Get it here Mint – iOS / Android

9. Acorns (1$/month)
Acorns best finance apps

Acorns helps you save & invest spare change from your everyday purchases and invest into a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds. You can also invest lump sum of your choosing at any time.
Get it here Mint – iOS / Android

10. Credit Karma (free)
Credit Karma app best finance apps

Credit Karma is the best app for those who uses the credit card. By using this app get your always-free credit reports and credit scores and will also tell you how you can improve your score. Also notifies for credit card alerts.
Get it here Mint – iOS / Android

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