Best Tips to command facebook security settings for your account

Well, you might have logged in Facebook by tapping ‘Logging through Facebook or Sign up through Facebook ” but you may not be knowing what information you are sharing with the app through which you have logged in. But when you log in, you don’t have to share all the information from your Facebook profile in order to use the app. But all you need to have a batten privacy settings. There is an easy way to manage the information of your Facebook that you are providing to the app like photos, contact information, hometown etc. Even these tips will help you to manage facebook security settings and to avoid any post on your Facebook timeline.

facebook security settings
Which info do I need to share?

You don’t need to provide all the personal information to the app for logging in.
Make sure to click the option labeled “Edit the info you provide” when logging in. When you click this, you see exactly what you’re sharing, and you can make changes before proceeding. For example, you could choose to share your email address and Likes with the app, but not your friend list or your birthday.

Will app auto-post on timeline by login in ?

No. Facebook Login does not allow apps post to Facebook without your permission. You have the choice of whether or not you allow an app to post to Facebook on your behalf – you’ll be asked for this permission specifically. If you don’t approve, the app will never share anything to Facebook for you. And if you do approve, you can choose which audience sees your posts (Public, Friends, Only Me, or a tailored list like “Close Friends” or “Family”).

How to remove apps from Facebook account?

You may not have checked which apps are connected to your Facebook account in a while — You might not even remember which apps you’ve used. It’s time to clean things up! Visit your App Settings to see a list of the apps you use; it’s a clear and easy way to keep track of your Facebook-connected apps. You can easily manage your apps and even entirely remove apps that you don’t use anymore.

How to block app invites for Facebook account?

You can always control which apps and people are able to send you messages and invitations on Facebook. For example, if you’ve ever received an invite from a friend to play a game or try an app, and you’re just not that interested — you can head over to the Blocking section on Facebook, where you can easily update your settings to block notifications from certain friends and apps.


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