All we know about Google’s incredible self driving bicycle or bike

Well, it won’t get wrong if we say that all product of Google are worth to use and they are very useful. As we have seen before this project like Google self driving car and many other. Google has released the bicycle in the Amsterdam city of Netherlands. It was tested on 1st of April 2016 on  the streets of the world’s cycling capital and the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam: the first ever self-driving e-bicycle.

Google self driving bike

google self driving bike

The Google self driving bike has some incredible features like can be accessed through a personalised app. Completely based on Google Map algorithms, it can pick you up, it has anti-theft immobilisation (act of limiting the movement) and location mechanics, and is powered by an extremely powerful battery. The given video is the clip that is tested on the streets of netherland.

The Google’s self-driving bicycle enables safe navigation through the city for Amsterdam residents and furthers Google’s ambition to improve urban mobility with technology.
Unfortunately it was available on only 1st April 2016. You may see some information about self driving bicycle in upcoming days.
The making of Google self driving bike or bicycle:


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