How to reset Windows phone 8 password pin without resetting the device.

Pin password is one of the best way to protect your private data and in today’s gen everybody is having there own security based password. Pin password is the most popular in windows phone as there is still no any pattern lock available in Windows phone store. Forgotten the windows phone password pin? Here is the simple way to reset Windows phone 8 password pin without resetting the device.

The only way to remove the password or unlock windows phone 10 or Windows phone 8 is hard reset. But if you have used a feature called Find my phone by Microsoft, then you can get back or reset password pin.

How to reset Windows phone 8 password pin

Let’s say you forgot your PIN, and have entered multiple times with wrong password. Windows 10 Mobile blocks you out or sometimes says to restart again.

reset windows phone 8 password
  • Navigate to and select your device. (will need to login)
  • Click on Find my Phone, now in next page you will have 3 options like Ring, Lock, Erase.
  • Now click on Lock, here you will able to set 6 digit pin along with a message and an optional mobile number. (for windows phone 8.1 it is 4 digit)
  • Click on Lock again, and your phone should get locked with new PIN. Your device will restart once you have changed the pin. (make sure you you internet data pack).
  • Use the new PIN to unlock.
How to Enable Find my Phone in Windows phone:

reset windows phone 8 password
  • Navigate to Settings > Update and Recovery > Find my Phone ( for windows phone 8.1 Settings > Find my Phone)
  • Check on the options which saves your device location periodically & more often. (make sure your Sim card is working)
What you can do with Find my phone: (if phone is stolen)

First option You have the option to ring the device on once you have logged in, this will ring the device even if it is in silent mode.
Second option is to lock the device and sent out a custom message so that in case someone picks it, they can hand it over to you based on the message.
Third option can be used if you are not able to trace it and if you think your phone was stolen, this will erase your personal data from it.

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