Top tech innovation ideas will make impact on real life #NewInnovation

In today’s world the new tech startup’s are pushing the boundaries of new innovations. As we have already seen various innovations that are solving many problems and making our life more smarter with the help of specially smartphones. Here we have listed some tech startup’s (tech innovation) that you would surely love to see in real life and will make life style more smarter.

Top tech innovation ideas

OLO- 3D Smartphone Printer
OLO is currently working with the 3D smartphone printer which can print 3D object by just using the smartphone. The OLO can cover a smartphone inside it and it uses a light of smartphone from screen to select the material that is used for 3D printing. You can print the images from anywhere by using smartphone or OLO’s own image gallery. OLO has different resins for different type of objects and it can even print flexible and hard objects. It even has a castable resin that can be fused to create objects in Silver and Gold or other casting metals. Here is the video that help you to interpret:

Clairy : Natural Air Purifiers 
Air quality is the big headache for the people loving the polluted metro cities as deteriorate air impacts badly on the human body.

You just need a dual part flowerpot and a plant that will use the roots and soil to generate colonies of microorganisms that trap and filter the toxic agents in the air in a natural way. Inside the flowerpot there is technology combined fan that will directs the pure quality air.

Robots are already contributing so much the manufacturing industrial field. The Codeybot is the robot is manufactured to help children become future ready by learn coding with some fun.
The Codeybot is the one of the best material for the students to have in educational purpose. A student can program a code or can learn the programming basics from Codeybot which uses the interactive feature to teach. The bot can also be used as a entertainment and with the help of connectivity through wifi music speakers, dancing capabilities, and a special battle mode.
Here is the cool video of Codeybot:

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