8 best Smart TV apps for your Samsung Smart TV for superior experience


Today’s Smart TVs comes with a lot of different smart features which makes them just as capable as a streaming box when it comes to serving you the shows, movies and music you want when you want them. Samsung is been one of the best in the Smart TV world to provide best user experience. And the joy of watching Smart TV becomes more interesting when you have more alternatives available for your Smart TV. The best Smart TV apps can really give the most amazing experience at your home. So here we have some best Smart TV apps for you to make your smart tv more smarter.

Best Smart TV apps


Well, when it comes to the online video streaming services, Netflix has been the great platform. Netflix has impressive impressive selection of existing TV shows and movies. Netflix also have it’s own exclusive productions including political drama House of Cards and comedies such as Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.


When it comes to content Netflix is the largest streaming service around,but there is differences in the content available on the UK versus the US store. If you’re new to video streaming then there’s no better starting point than Netflix.

Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime video


Amazon prime video also has an impressive selection of content from other providers, but large disparities between US and UK stores mean that it’s difficult to pick out specifics here. Fortunately, unlike Netflix which forces you to have an account in order to view available titles, Amazon makes its Prime listings available directly on its website, meaning you can check that your favourites are available before paying for a subscription.




Hulu’s exclusive offering is a great deal smaller than its competitors, but if you’re a fan of shows like The Mindy Project and South Park then you could do a lot worse than subscribing to the service. Just be warned that a small selection of shows (read: seven) will display ads even when you’re on the service’s premium tier.

Iplayer – UK

The BBC has got popular in recent few year for producing some of the best TV shows such as Doctor Who, Sherlock and Luther, and, lucky for Samsung TV owners, they’re available through the dedicated iPlayer app.



One point to be noted that the shows available for 30 days after their first broadcast. iPlayer gives the widest selection of shows of any of the streaming services on this list, since it covers (with some small exceptions) everything broadcast on the BBC, meaning tentpole dramas such as Sherlock can be streamed alongside today’s episode of long-running soap Eastenders or daytime favorite Antiques Roadshow.

ALL 4 – UK



All 4 is Channel 4’s version of iPlayer which means it covers the shows from Channel 4, E4 and More 4. The most popular shows are always available on the All 4, unlike BBC’s iPlayer. Other top picks include The IT Crowd, Black Books (both written by the excellent Graham Lineham).

PlayStation Now



As name suggests this app is not for streaming the shows. PlayStation Now is an app which allows you to play a variety of PlayStation 3 games on your TV. The games you play won’t feel much responsive if you are playing with console but you can minimise it by decent internet speeds and a wired ethernet connection to your router. Selected games can be played as part of a monthly subscription plan,while others can be rented for lengths of time ranging from a few hours to an entire month.




HBO Go and HBO Now are both streaming services from the television network. Many of HBOs top shows, such as The Wire or the sublimely crafted True Blood can be immediately accessed immediately once they are broadcasted while on other streaming service you will have to wait when boxset is available to else. So if you want to stream Game of Thrones the day it’s released, you’re going to have to pay for either HBO Go or HBO Now.

So what, exactly, is the difference between the two services? HBO Go is the streaming service available exclusively to HBO cable subscribers, while HBO Now is available to anyone regardless if you pay for the premium channel or not.




Well, I guess we don’t need to tell you more about this. If your are a regular user of internet than you must be knowing about this. It is the platform where creators use teams of professional video production staff to produce a dizzying amount of content catering to every possible niche. YouTube also carries full movies which can be rented for 30-days or bought outright.

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