Learn these best computer software will make your career life.

In our day to day life software is an primary concern for our business purpose or for any instant in our career life. You can make or choose your career easily by knowing your interest & skills that you have but before that you need software for your workplace. If you know any of these software then you can make your career by doing that particular work with a particular software.

  • First find your work of interest that based on computer work.
  • Second choose that software that matches your work.

Here are best computer software will make your career life. If you already used any of these software for your work then you can make your career easily by doing work.

Best computer software for Future

1. Documentation type of work


Today, In every field documentation must required. Microsoft Office is the perfect match for documentation work like Accountancy, Invoicing, Work Estimate, Bill of Quantities (BOQ), any printing work (eg., Notice, Infographic details, Letter, Report work, etc.), Database Management, Business or Project Presentation work, etc. 

Any type of documentation typing work you can do as job in any firm or company as an employee or for yourself if you know this software & how to do & what to do.

You can learn from Online Free Tutorial

2. Graphic Designer

corel draw software

Your creativity can matchup with this field, if you’re creative so. Graphic designing is one of the creative & important field in every workplace. Corel draw is the perfect matchup for Graphic Designer. Graphic designing needs creativity for good graphic designer. Graphic designing works in the field of T-Shirt Graphics, Travelling bag, Purse (especially Ladies Purse), Infographic representation, Advertisement poster, Business Card or visiting card, Brochure, Pamphlets, Kids Books, Automotive graphics designing (eg., Sports Car, Bike, Bicycle, etc.,), Website graphic designing, Mobile Apps graphic designing, Company or Brand Logo designing, etc.

This field is full of creativity & full of opportunities. You can earn huge if you’re a extraordinary Graphic designer

Learning can makes you a good graphic designer then after earning starts

3.  Photography


Is your profession is photographer then you also need a software that makes your photographs more professional and color corrected. You may already know about Photoshop (Photo Editing Software), photoshop has been used worldwide by amature or professionals. Photoshop is daily used by many photo studios for editing photos for their customers. Photoshop seems to be easy but learning makes perfect.

You can setup a photo studio as a business before that you need some skills of photography & photo editing.

4. Video editing Software

video editing
If you very much interested & known in the field of video editing / cinematography & vfx editing then you have many great opportunities for your career. You can earn from YouTube by making videos & good editing makes people attract to your channel. Monetized it & earn it. Secondly you can go into film industry & advertising industry, these industries need many heavy video editors like you to get the job done.  Autodesk Maya : A animation software, it has been used for animation film or video or development of games.

5. 3D Modelling & animations

Autodesk 3DS Max, Maya if you know this software very well then you’ll get many opportunities.
Autodesk 3DS Max : With this software you can make 3d animated objects like bicycle, car designing for your project. Interior / exterior designing is also made in this software. Any type of 3d modelling of any object material 3ds max is helpful in many ways. Though software is very much complicated but once understood it’s a cup of tea. It has many benefits.
 Autodesk Maya : A animation software, it has been used for animation film or video or development of games.

6. AutoCAD

Computer Aided Drawings (CAD) is used for 2D drafting drawings. You can make Home, Bungalow Floor plans, elevation view, section view, etc. This has been for drafting perfect dimensions. This can be used for CNC milling draftings, guidelines for working for exact dimensions, etc.

7. Google Sketchup job


It is easy for 3D modelling & drafting. It is just like 3ds max but it is easy version. If you’re very much familier with Google sketchup then you can make any of the 3d model than by using photoshop effects you can make into real structure type. You can watch many tutorials of making visual reality photo by using Photoshop effects. The combination of Photoshop & sketchup is brilliant. Why it is so brilliant? Because, sketchup is like gold & silver and Photoshop is like Diamonds that’s create a very authentic combination.

If you know any of these software & skills. Then you choose or make your career because these do many great jobs and if you do that job perfect & fast then you may have many opportunities in your way. Just don’t stop learning… Learning makes you more earning. Be deserving person…


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