5 best Windows media player alternatives for best experience

VLC Media player

Since the development, still we have not seen more improvement in the default Windows media player that can support all type of videos and audios. Having a alternative media player can offer equalizers, compressors, color adjustments, video sharpening and other effects too. Here we have listed top 5 best windows media player alternatives that you should have.

Best windows media player

1. VLC Media player

VLC Media player
VLC media player is the most popular alternative of windows media player as it supports for all (like Windows, Mac, Linux and even for Android & Windows phone).
It can play all type of files, discs, webcams and other device too. It has no ads, no spyware or catches and it’s totally free. You can configure too. It has various skins to for better user experience.


AIMP has much more for customisation. AIMP has over 30 audio format support and even you can stream a internet radio with 32 bit processing to get best quality output sound.
AIMP has 18 type of equalizer bands to experience the sound as per our need. AIMP’s powerful media management tools also make it easy to keep your songs in order, with smart playlist tools.

3. PotPlayer


PotPlayer is the simple media player with stripped-back interface. It’s just as easy to play entire folders, DVDs or Blu-rays (discs or files), FTP/ WebDAV/ HTTP links, and input from webcams and other devices. It has even 3D video support. For video Potplayer has features like to sharpen, de-noise, rotate or tweak picture levels, resize, rotate or crop, adjust brightness, contrast, hue and saturation, configure 3D playback, capture and record video, and much, much more.


4. Foobar2000

Foobar2000 is a more likable audio player. It is simpler and more straightforward. Basic operations are straightforward & right clicking on any objects reveals many options.

Foobar2000 has 18 equalizer bands to experience various sound effects. It also consists a features like DSP plug-in support, a file format converter, possible fixes for broken MP3s, and lots of low-level configurability for those who need it.


5. GOM Player

GOM Player
GOM Player is simpler but has elegant interface which makes it more interesting. It has quick control buttons like change playback speed, tweak subtitles, take screenshots, create and manage playlists, make the player window transparent, keep it always on top, and more.
GOM Player has feature like 360 degree videos and also has ability to open YouTube URLs.


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